The Wizard of Oz is at the Straz Center

National Touring Production of the Wizard of Oz.You might find something new about the beloved classic finishing its tour in Florida this month. No, I don’t mean Dorothy’s dungarees – although I loved that addition, because who works on a farm in a dress and petticoat??! I meant the show’s name. It’s now Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Wizard of Oz”. The new stage adaptation includes new songs by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. The tour I saw starred Sarah Lasko as Dorothy, and she was adorable with a showstopping voice. She truly sounded like an effortless Broadway talent through the whole show. The only part of the show better than Sarah was the powerful orchestra. Sometimes I hear the start of an overture in my theatre seat and get carried off into the show, but when I heard the first notes at “The Wizard of Oz”, I took stock and noticed how full and rich the sound was. It held throughout the show with emotion and power, and also cute added sound affects.

Back to Dorothy’s pants… not only are they practical for a girl on a farm, they’re kind of taupe. In fact, much of the first few scenes has the color notes of a dusty Kansas plain. This echoes the opening and closing credits as well as the Kansas sequences from the film. Just like the color parts of the movie astounded viewers when it first aired on television, audiences will love when colors and flowers and rainbows brighten the stage production.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 6.19.10 PM

ozOne of the new lyrics of the show is “mainly magic, slightly science,” and that’s what this hopeful, wondrous musical is made of. It has love and laughter, a little touch of evil, fairy dust, magic wishes – with a message and musical score great for all ages to enjoy. There were many little girls of kindergarten age around me in sparkly, red shoes enjoying the show and the special affects. They were so proud of themselves when they knew the set was moving or that the lighting was coming from above and behind them. They seemed more afraid of the storm than the witch – I think Glinda was the alpha-witch in this version.

Basically, the only people I think who won’t enjoy this show are those who really hate the movie. And I’m not sure those people exist. Most people sat like me, riveted, singing along in their heads (I could tell by the head bopping), and knowing exactly what was going to come next. It was slightly more modern, more obviously gay friendly, had people laughing out loud, and caught even diehard fans by surprise at times. Although the stage show does not follow the movie exactly, the only part I really missed and wished I had heard was this little tune. (And I was surprised the flying monkeys weren’t carried away on a wire.)

Before you take your littles, you can prep them with coloring pages from the Oz tour website, and watch clips from the show here:

Don’t ease on down for tickets – get a move on! “The Wizard of Oz” is ending its North American tour for 2016 in Tampa – and it’s at the Straz just through July 17.


Liquid Apple Pie – a 4th of July Shot Recipe


I’ve been playing with apple pie flavored “adult beverages” for a few weeks, trying to get just the right flavor. An apple martini was sweeter than the flavor I was looking for, and Fireball had more bite than I hoped.

I think I created the perfect recipe for an apple pie shot the other day – just in time for Fourth of July weekend celebrating!



Pour into a shot glass and knock it back! Enjoy!


Wordless Wednesday: St. Thomas Views


The view out of our rented Jeep on the first day.


The view when ziplining


The view from a bar window


The view from our rental home – what a tease! It’s too dangerous to climb down…


The view of me underwater


My view of my daughters kayaking from my kayak

FullSizeRender 7

The view of Charlotte Amalie lit up at night from a kayak

FullSizeRender 11

The view from our rental home at sunset

FullSizeRender 13

The view from our highest ziplining point


Underwater snorkeling views


Me enjoying the views!


Currently, June 2016

Current Book – I just read 3 books on vacation: “Who Do you Love” by Jennifer Weiner and “Cherry Money Baby” by John M. Cusick were summer fun easy reads, and “The Country of Ice Cream Star” by Sandra Newman, which was a haunting story written in its own dialect. I’m reading “Whatever Makes You Happy” right now, but I don’t like it as much as either of those other 3 books.

Current Guilty Pleasure – Nutella left over from Wendy’s graduation party – right out of the jar.

Current Drink – water. But I did “invent” an apple pie shot the other day of two parts Siegburg Apfel Apple Schnapps and one part St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur.

Current Favorite Blog –, but she’s mostly on Periscope now.

Current Song – “One Thing Leads to Another” by The Fixx

Current Wish-List – reduced shoulder pain

Current Needs – limes to make Denise’s mojo chicken recipe

Current Triumph – Learned how to use Apple iBooks Author at work, helped DD1 paint a desk for her first apartment

Current Indulgence – calories

Current Outfit – jean shorts and an aqua button down

Current Banes of My Existence – ants in the dishwasher

Current Excitement – Brian got a new car for Father’s Day

Current Mood –it’s all good


S’mores Marshmallow Bites

indoor smores marshmallows

We were invited to a Memorial Day backyard BBQ in the Florida summer heat. Although evenings in a backyard might make you think of s’mores, the hot weather keeps us from lighting fires. Instead, we concocted S’Mores Chocolate Nutella Bites. The plate was empty before I got to try one – the teens at the party gobbled them up before the adults got to them. These s’mores require NO campfire, NO stove, NO oven, NO baking… just a microwave and a few minutes. These are great to make with children as well.

First Alice tried just melting chocolate chips in the microwave, but they need some kind of fat to make the consistency right for dipping. I suggested butter. She tried Nutella. That worked great!

For an average bag of large marshmallows, use about 3/4 cup chocolate chips and 3TB Nutella. You’ll also want a sleeve of graham crackers. If you can crush the graham crackers (see gluten free option below) still in the sleeve without it bursting, it helps yield less mess. Or you can put them in a Ziploc Freezer bag, I was just trying to be greener than that. Once the graham crackers are very tiny dusty crumbs, smaller than a pencil eraser, dump them onto a plate.

Melting the chocolate is a bit of guesswork, don’t treat it like real science. You can’t ruin the recipe, you just might run out and have to melt more. We melted the chocolate and Nutella together in a small microwave-safe bowl for 14 seconds, stirred, gave it another 20 seconds, and everything was melted to a great dipping consistency. Microwave times vary, but don’t put it in for a long period so it will melt faster. You want to do short spurts of heat and stir in between. We used a rubber scraper to stir and then we had it ready for scraping the bowl when we were down to the last bits of chocolate.

Now is when you want to work quickly, before the chocolate cools and starts to solidify – although you can always pop it back in the microwave for 10 seconds. Take a large marshmallow, dip it about halfway into the melty chocolate goodness, swirl it around, and then roll it in the graham cracker crumbs. Stand your s’mores dipped marshmallows up on a plate. It’s easy and brainless and delicious!

These are great for parties with themes like camping, adventure, pow wow, gypsy boho, Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts.


  • Marshmallows – large size
  • Chocolate chips
  • Nutella
  • Graham Crackers

Other ideas:

Roll chocolate-dipped marshmallows in something other than graham crackers – like crushed nuts or rainbow sprinkles, but then they won’t be as s’mores-esque.

Swap the Nutella for peanut butter, cookie butter, or SKIPPY® Natural Peanut Butter Spread with Dark Chocolate. We’ve even made a blend of a few of those when we had too much junk food in the house! They all taste great blended with each other and/or with the chocolate chips.

You can make them gluten free by using Honey Nut Chex instead of graham crackers.

You can make them kosher by using Paskesz Marshmallows, Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Morsels, and Nabisco graham crackers.

A full dinner plate of s’mores bites (nearly a whole bag of marshmallows) took me only 10 minutes to make. Enjoy!