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Since I usually call myself a Yogi, I don’t think I am the average female runner. I’ll check the latest stats and demographics from RunningUSA (inspired by RuntotheFinish), and I just happened to read the same info last week so it was on my mind…

Average Age: 38.5 – yes I am over 33 and under 40 🙂
63.2% Married – @RunCoachBrian is indeed my baby-daddy
78.2% College educated – BS in Communications, media writing emphasis.
70.3% Earn a household income of $75,000+ – I never share this info, not even with Mom.

Running History:
Average number of years running: 9.9 years – fewer years for me. My daughter started in 6th grade, so when she is avg age of 38 she’ll be so FAR over 9 years I can’t even imagine!
Average number of running events participated in during the last 12 months: 7.2 events – fewer for me… but many more to come in 2012!
51.8% have completed 1 marathon or more in their lifetime – I have been a marathon cheerleader, but not participant.

Running Routine:
70.4% Run/Jog 4+ hours each week – not in the summer
77.7% run 12 months a year – yep, that’s true, even in the oppressive Florida humidity that feels like running through pea soup.
Average number of days run per week: 4.0 – varies
Average number of miles run per week: 21.9 – not that high for me
66.1% describe themselves as ‘Frequent/Fitness Runners’ – Fitness runner for sure.

Running Preferences:
Favorite race distance is the Half-Marathon (39.0%) – 5k
Interested in entering next year: (let’s talk about the rest of this year, 2012 is full of too many races!)
Half-Marathon (77.0%) I’ll be Team Mom at the Disney Wine & Dine
5K (57.3%) I’m sure I’ll throw that in the mix
10K (56.0%) Probably not
Marathon (43.3%) – does Ragnar Driver count? ;-P

Primary motivation to start running:
For Exercise (25.0%) – that’s me
Weight Concerns (14.5%)
Needed a New Challenge (9.3%)

Motivation to continue to run:
Staying in Shape (76.8%)
Staying Healthy (74.2%) – that’s me
Relieving Stress (64.4%)

Product Preferences:
Average number of running shoes purchased in last 12 months: 2.9 pairs – fewer for me. The “real” runners in the house get way more shoe dollars than I do. Mine are old old old, you would not believe!

Last running shoes purchased:
ASICS (26.4%)
Brooks (16.6%) – yep
Saucony (14.2%) – For every other runner in the house… so I bought them but don’t wear them (yet)

65.3% spent $90+ on their running shoes – I did. No shipping though, local running store.
47.9% purchased their running shoes at a specialty running store – Yep, or a race expo
Favorite brands of running apparel: (Mine is probably my sports bra by Le Mystere, or my shorts by Lucy or my shirt by Tees for Tina, so none of the below are on my top 3 list.)
Nike (64.8%)
Under Armour (45.7%)
Champion (34.3%)
Adidas (30.7%)
80.4% spent $100+ on running apparel in the last 12 months – just for me, probably not. For my daughter too? Maybe.
59.6% purchased running apparel at a specialty running store — Not often because prices are higher, maybe a race expo

Average Weight: 137.6 lbs – yep-ish
Average Height: 65.01 inches – just under 64
Average Body Mass Index (BMI): 22.9 – don’t know mine. I had it done like 7 yrs ago and changed a lot since then
40.9% are content with their weight – yep, finally.
42.3% are content with their fitness level – If I had more time, I’d work out twice a day, easily.

Anything surprise you about the average runner? Are you an average female runner?

Coupon info of the day:
8. Loyalty Card Coupons
Some major supermarket chains allow shoppers to upload coupons from their websites to loyalty cards. The trick is to remember which coupons you’ve actually loaded so you don’t forget or buy the wrong product. This marketing method is beginning to cross over to other companies. For example, Shell gas stations offer fuel discounts for repeat customers with rewards cards, and CVS lets you put your Extracare bucks on your card now. Also, when I shop at CVS or Winn Dixie I earn points towards free gas, but I don’t quite understand the program yet. I need to read it more thoroughly.

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