January 24/7 Challenge

The first month of the year I am excited to say I will be toning and tightening at Above the Barre Fitness in Florida, with their 24/7 January fitness challenge. I had just tried one of their classes, when I received an email that said:

Take the 24/7 Challenge. Work out for 24 days out of 31 and see how many inches you lose. The cost is $139 for the 31 days and includes a tank top. Get measured before and after. Starts when you want to commit.

For me, this will start Jan 2. It will be difficult to fit 24 workouts in the month with my race travels, but I’m going to make every effort!

I stopped in the studio  last week for “before” photos and measurements. I met with the owner of Above the Barre, Maria, who is darling and dynamic. She used a lot of positive reinforcement when talking to me about what I want to tone. She promised that my tush will be way tighter! She also thinks a month (and more) of barre class will help my scoliosis. I have to focus a lot on form when I work out, because my hips are uneven both in height and back-to-front due to an S-shaped curve in my lower spine.

Me, before the Barre 24/7 Challenge, Dec. 2012

I thought perhaps we were taking measurements too soon, since I often spend time with my inlaws during the holidays in the Magical Land of Fudge and Parkay. She suggested I focus on keeping my glycemic index low. I honestly don’t know much about that… I just know I often let myself eat whatever I want in moderation the last week of Dec and first week of Jan, but knowing this is coming up might help me with the moderation aspect.

After photos and measurements, I took a one-hour barre class taught by Maria. The music was funky, the movements were tiny and repetitive, and I felt my muscles tire out. Their Allendale location, nearest to me, is new – and still building membership. If you want to try a tiny class with a lot of personal focus from the teacher and ease for asking questions during class, this is the place to go!

Maria emailed me the next day to see if I was sore, and I wasn’t that day or the next day, so she said we might have to “bump it up a level” next time. But during the class I seriously felt like I was working each muscles until I couldn’t any longer, and then paused to rest before adding a few more reps.

I don’t expect a complete body transformation in 30 days (I don’t desire a complete body transformation), but I hope for renewed workout enthusiasm, slightly smaller hips, tighter triceps and maybe a new friend or two at the studio.

Here’s the song we warmed up to, “Let’s Go”! Let it get you moving today:


How are you going to jump start your workouts in 2013? Come join me at Above the Barre!

4 Replies to “January 24/7 Challenge”

  1. Meghan says:

    This challenge sounds great. I’ve never taken a barre class but read about them all the time on blogs. I’d love to try it. With my marathon the 13th I probably wouldn’t want to start until a week or two after that. Would that be allowed for the challenge? I also saw about the free class for bloggers Caroline posted on Facebook and would love to come to that. Can’t wait to try it!

  2. Kat says:

    I’m starting crossfit soon! Can’t wait to see how you like Barre! Wish there was one closer to me!

  3. Jenny says:

    I have wanted to try barre fitness, I look forward to reading your reviews and seeing your overall progress.

    My sister and niece both suffer from scoliosis. My niece wore a full brace for years and finally had spinal fusion surgery at All Children’s when she was 13 (she’s nearly 16 now) but still has a lot of pain and needs to wear a brace when she sleeps. My sister is built like you and also has uneven hips and walks with a limp 🙁

  4. Hi Meghan,
    Happy New Year.
    The 24/7 Challenge starts when you want to commit. Give me a call and we can chat about your time frame. I hope I will be seeing you on the 19th for Free Class
    at the Allendale Studio.
    Cheers and good luck with the marathon.

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