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Love is Love became my battlecry

How Love is Love became my Battlecry

I was young when I got married. Many people shared their opinion that I was making a mistake. More significant than the fact that I was still a college student, I was marrying outside my faith. I was raised the daughter of an Orthodox, Jewish Rabbi and I married a man raised Catholic I had no business even knowing. I stood up for the love I felt was magical and

Remembering Shannon

I recently lost my friend Shannon. We met 17 years ago when our children were placed in the same 3 year old classroom. We didn’t seem to have much in common. Shannon towered over me in height, and there was a big age gap between us too. She lived in a large, beautiful home with her husband and young son. My house was about 1/4th the size of hers, and I

What being the mom of a Trans Kid Taught me

Someone said to me once, “When your children are born, they are characters in your story. But eventually they start their own story line where they are the main character and you are in a supporting role.” It may be hard for a parent to determine when their child’s story has begun, when we should let them learn from their own actions. Notice I did not say “learn from their