About me

Like Gifts, We Wear Wrapping Paper

One night at dinner, my son asked me something along the lines of, “They say parents of trans kids mourn for the child they used to have. Do you think you are in mourning for me?” Here’s how I responded: “Let’s pretend you told me I couldn’t see my friend Erin ever again. I love Erin, she’s fun and one of my tribe and I would miss her and be

Packing for Hurricane Irma

When Hurricane Irma took a turn towards Tampa Bay on September 9, 2017, she was tracking right over my house. Eventually the area I live in was under a mandatory evacuation, meaning if we were in trouble emergency responders would not come help. Brian was worried about storm surge (high waters flooding into the house) and I was worried about wind damage, so we left. Here’s what I brought with

Cry with Me

I cry. I am an empathetic person, and I’ve learned to keep my distance and cocoon myself for self-preservation. But often, I cry. From TV commercials, Disney music, fabulous theatre, kindergarteners singing, someone receiving $24,000 on “Ellen” or when reading an article in a magazine that renews my faith in┬áhumanity. Sometimes crying embarrasses me. My kids look over to see if my eyes are welling up; they can now sense