What makes you feel old?

I’m sure shopping for Homecoming dresses with my daughter would have made me feel old if I could relate to the process. But I couldn’t really. I went to a religious school with no dances. In fact, I was called into the principal’s office for leaning on a guy’s shoulder one time, and got a speech about premarital sex. My puffy dress experience came a bit earlier for my bat

How to Make a Duct Tape Hair Bow

Here’s what the teens are making these days: [youtube]NFOwtZSVqo0[/youtube]

Meal Plan Monday

Saturday we had friends in from out of town and I spent a little extra on groceries to cook with Cindy, who went to high school with me. We made jambalaya pasta and crustless derby pie. (It was derby day so they cheated on their South Beach diet with our dessert.) While Wendy and I were visiting with Cindy and Grayson, Brian took Alice to the Middle Division State meet