Champion Double Dry Racerback Tank

Champion Double Dry Racerback Women’s Tank Top on sale here for $11.99!! Wicks away moisture, guards against UV rays AND inhibits bacterial growth to help control garment odors. Enjoy ladies!

Week 17, Run 1

A bit over 3 miles. Brian and I dropped our car off at the shop to fix the tire, so we just wore our running clothes. We walked to the corner together and then he took off in front of me. I did 3 miles about 5 mins faster than he did 5 miles. Cardio was really good today but some calf aching. After: Stretched, 20 pushups, showered. Time to

How to pack for a marathon

You see, that’s a joke, because I’m not running a marathon. I’m running a 5k. But if you saw my suitcase right now you’d swear otherwise. My running shoes – in plastic, my special cozy socks, shorts, a just in case long sleeve shirt, a just in case tank top, a fleece vest and ear warmer (but it will probably be 58 degrees). Thong panties that wick away sweat (they