College Process

Send your student to College with a Resume

WHY THEY NEED A RESUME: If your student will be job hunting while in college, they’ll want to have a resume on file if possible even an extraordinary ats friendly resume. Even if they have no work experience – they need to professionally present themselves somehow. They can always write about high school activities and babysitting if they have to. Even if your student will not be working during school,

College Roommate Tips

Last year, Bob Andelman (aka Mr. Media, and a friend) interviewed Harlan Cohen, of “Help Me Harlan” and author of The Naked Roommate: For Parents Only (which I’ve read and recommend), about parenting teens leaving for college. I took notes because my daughter’s boyfriend was a high school senior, and my kids were a junior and sophomore, so I figured I had some relevant lessons to learn. There was a lot I

Ultimate College Packing List

After scouring the internet and getting advice from college freshmen boys and girls as well as a recent college grad, I present my Ultimate College Packing List! Please keep in mind, tastes on food certainly differ, and boys and girls don’t need all of the same items (e.g. tampons!), but this is a robust list that will help you get ‘er done! Parents, maybe shopping can take your mind off the whole