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Save $10 on groceries

I don’t usually promote something I have not experienced, so when I saw an offer to save $10 off $50 of groceries by using the new, I decided to try it for myself first. Basically, you put all the items you want in your online shopping cart, then choose to pick them up at an available nearby Walmart, or have them shipped to you. I went for pickup. My

Smelling Like a Non-Runner

When I lead teams of runners through a Ragnar Relay, I get a lot of the same questions asked over and over: How do I stretch my aching I.T. Bands? Do you have Vitamin-I in your bag? How fast *is* Brian?? and inevitably How do I get the running funk smell out of my Ragnar gear? You see, with a Ragnar you might run your first leg at 9am on

Sushi giveaway winners!

Our random comment winner was #9… which you might think by reading was chosen for most creative, but it wasn’t. Bstone said: And for my personal pick, I choose Jen, who admitted she hasn’t tried sushi yet! Some wouldn’t enter a contest they don’t feel qualified for, but she decided to throw her hat in the ring anyway and I applaud that. Plus, I want her to TRY EATING SUSHI