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Boxes in the Mail

I’ve received a bunch of stuff in the mail and email recently to tell you about. 1. I got an email from the American Cancer Society. They are starting their largest long-term Cancer Prevention study ever. They are looking for people between the ages of 30-65 who have never had cancer. On your first visit you donate about 7 tsp of blood and fill out a 20 min survey online.

Top 5 Tips to Be Bikini Ready + free iPhone app

FREE iPhone app info below from Declan Condron, the co-creator and exercise physiologist of PumpOne FitnessBuilder. Here are his Top 5 Tips to be- and stay- bikini ready this summer: Try to do some exercise every day: no matter how simple it may seem. Declan says, “this does not mean you have to be at the gym every day for hours. By making smart decisions you can add in exercise in short spurts