Running Poem

My 12 year old daughter runs about 20-25 miles/week. She just wrote a poem about running that you can read in under a minute here:

Home sick today – & Orange Belt in the hiz-house!

I haven’t missed 2 workouts in a row in a while, but I have a horrible head cold. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to do Yoga while at home because I’m so full of fluid my balance is off. It’s probably more important for me to sleep today. I keep dreaming about karate people sparring because we were at my daughter’s karate belt test for 2 hrs

Family update

Wed was a horrible run, so I didn’t blog about it. Not much to say when you don’t even hit 3 miles because your PMS’ed boobs feel like they will burst out of your shirt. And my MP3 player won’t work, some formatting error, so I was bored. I went to the gym and did some speed work on Fri for about 2 miles. Core class was cancelled because they