Salon Day and Giveaway

Last month some of the Tampa Bay Blogger ladies and I (and my DD1, Alice) enjoyed a Girls Night Out at Serendipity Salon and MediSpa in Tampa. In addition to some no-cost treatment, we enjoyed spending time together and discussing social media and parenting. I’ve been hearing Denise talk about Dean Downing, her hair stylist, for some time. His location was way north of me. Now that he is also

How to Make a Duct Tape Hair Bow

Here’s what the teens are making these days: [youtube]NFOwtZSVqo0[/youtube]

Styling curly hair

This will be a multi part series when my daughters and I feel like it 🙂 Why? Cuz we can. We’re blessed with great hair. But we all have different hair. Therein lies the fun. ~ Alice has long, wavy brown hair of medium thickness that highlights naturally and gets lots of frizzies. ~ Wendy has super ultra thick hair that is about 90% straight and Brian’s dark brown color. Without