Blender Bender

To boost my immunity during this week of little sleep and lots of fun / travel, I am adding lots of veggies into my diet. Last night I tried something I’ve been wanting to do for a while – I juiced a beet. I grew up in a family that ate beet borscht, but despite the fun, hot pink color (and despite my more recent love for the book Jitterbug

Julyathon #hundredpushups comes to a close

Today is the last day of the Julyathon! I hope you all kept up with your pushups! Here is my final trial at 100 push ups in a 3-part video series. Don’t worry, they’re short and sweet! Part 2 of 3: And finally – how did it turn out??? Watch part 3: Now that my arms are firmed up, I think these videos have proven to me I need to

#100Pushups Challenge Day 3

Now that Juneathon is over, I am perfectly content to do zero exercise on Sundays. But since Brian, Alice and I were all home this evening, we all busted out our pushups. Alice did week 1, day 2. Brian and I both did week 3, day 3. My max set was the 21 it had to be, but Brian did 30. He asked, “If I do 100, can I just