#100pushups day 2

Last night was karate class. It was the last night we were working with sticks for a few months. My partner was a girl about 9 years old, but tall for her age – about the size of an 11 year old (if that means anything to you moms). She was giggly but trying hard, so it lightened the mood while we both learned more of the basics. Alice only

Starting with 24 push ups

And 12 year old Alice will start with… Join the challenge July 1! http://runningbetty.com/pushing-the-limits-709

Julyathon Announced!

Run DMT and I have teamed up to present “PUSHING THE LIMITS” a Push-Up Challenge for July 2009. Our goal: 100 push-ups before the end of July! Please join us! You may want to take before and after photos of your guns curled for this one! Get all the details here.