Push Away the Screen – My birthday

Things are about to shift in our household. I start a full time out-of-the-house job on June 30. That means I have to take vacation time when I want time away for the first time in about 10 yrs. My older daughter starts senior year of high school so she will be working on essays, scholarships, standardized tests, etc. And my younger daughter is learning to drive. Brian decided it

Disenchanted – Better than a Little Debbie snack cake

Meet actress Lulu Picart. I’ve been lucky enough to see her on stage in fabulous American Stage in the Park productions, including “Hair” and “Rent”, among other shows. Her voice, wit and sarcasm are awesome. Here she is dressed as Mulan in “Disenchanted”. When I first heard about the Straz show “Disenchanted”, I thought it might be fun to see since we are so steeped in Disney at my house. We

Push Away the Screen: Caribe Royale Resort

Jenny at Metamorfit has a series she calls “Push Away the Screen”. She describes it as: Push Away the Screen is a phrase that I use to describe activities that I do with my family that gets us up and out; away from the TV, iToys, video games, etc… Last weekend I was lucky enough to push away the screen with my family for almost 3 days! We had some