Today’s workout

Did I work out today? Of course I did, it’s Juneathon! Today I went to the gym. I did 20 mins on the stairmaster. Unfortunately I also had a conversation with the woman next to me about Israeli foreign policy. At the gym I’d rather talk about Beyonce’s clothes in her new video and light stuff like that. Or recipes. That’s good gym talk – think about food… 🙂 Then

I was going to skip today…

Really, I was. I was going to enjoy a long, hot shower and scrub my curls. But I went to the gym. I did some cardio, some weights, squats on the BOSU – basically repeated Monday. Yawn, I know. Yesterday, Alice got treated to some runing gear. She got a long sleeve running shirt (this is the time to buy on sale), new socks, Ironman sunglasses, a watch with a