Nearly Wordless – Summer Vacay #1

The beginning of June was full of family travels. We went to Chicago to see family and tour Columbia College, we led a team through Chicago Ragnar Relay, and we took a week in Michigan to cool down in nice weather – just the 4 of us.

Here are some Chicago highlights:


After we made it from the airport to my cousin’s condo on the train with a ton of luggage, we went to Uncle Julio’s Mexican Restaurant – where they treated us to warm sopaipillas with honey to dip them in.


The 2nd day in Chicago, we started with brunch at Bongo Room – just the 4 of us.


Alice’s pancakes were lemony with blueberries on top and ricotta cheese with lemon zest and powdered sugar.


After a day at Navy Pier and getting lost in the mirror maze, we had a snack at The Signature Lounge at the 96th, on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Center. People told us it would be pricey but cheaper than playing for the observatory room with the same view. It was, and it was. It was the day before my birthday, and I ordered the white and dark chocolate mousse cake. They kinda pissed me off though, by putting pineapple on top.


The ladies room on the 95th floor has a great view, but also fun vintage artwork, like this enlarged photo.


Across the street was the American Girl store.


These American Girl dolls were ready for Ragnar, headlamps and all!


The next day we took the girls to tour Columbia College. Alice looked cute and ready for the journalism program in aqua. Although Wendy isn’t pictured, she really liked what they had to offer! (And their dorms were huge!)


That night we met my cousins and friend Julie for my birthday dinner at Quartino, an Italian tapas-style restaurant. Their Limoncello Martini was awesome! Housemade Limoncello, Absolut Citron & Fresh Squeezed Lemonade got me giggly.


We had dessert at Ghirardelli. The cashier was also celebrating her birthday! I took a photo since we were “birthday twins”.


Brian and I shared a peanut butter hot fudge sundae!


Then we went to Ragnar Chicago… that post is already written. But here we are enjoying a brief moment of togetherness despite living out of van with strangers for 32 hours.Yes, I am dressed like a COW.


Meanwhile, my cousins took my “Dr. Who” fan daughters to Who-prov (Second City Dr. Who themed improv.)


Our last moment in Chicago…


Kaboodles drove us to Michigan in his perpetual motion machine.

3 Replies to “Nearly Wordless – Summer Vacay #1”

  1. Crystal H says:

    I want to do Who-prov and get a picture with the Tardis!! It looks like you had a great time & the food looks delish. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Your daughters are stunning!! And you are SO right about the dessert–how dare they ruin chocolate delight with pineapple!!

    Your cow outfit is awesome–you look adorable in it!!

    Hope you enjoyed your visit to my home state–I like to think we have the best vacation spots on earth. 🙂

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