Cry with Me

I cry. I am an empathetic person, and I’ve learned to keep my distance and cocoon myself for self-preservation. But often, I cry. From TV commercials, Disney music, fabulous theatre, kindergarteners singing, someone receiving $24,000 on “Ellen” or when reading an article in a magazine that renews my faith in┬áhumanity.

Sometimes crying embarrasses me. My kids look over to see if my eyes are welling up; they can now sense moments when it may happen. I warn people I’m sitting next to that I cry, and I carry tissues in my purse and camera bag

Here’s the thing. When I’m crying, I’m Present. I’m not rehashing the past, fretting about a future that hasn’t happened yet over which I have no control… there’s no wall or anxiety. I’m just here. It’s just me. And I’m usually really happy. Even when I’m crying over something sad, I’m usually able to find the peace in having at least connected with the moment.

You can offer me a tissue or a hug, or you can cry right along with me. I recommend the latter because then we’ll see each other’s silly tears and it will turns into peals of laughter.

I like laughing too. ­čÖé

2 Replies to “Cry with Me”

  1. I’m a little guilty but not to the point of needing to carry tissues. People having truly happy moments in their lives really do affect me. Those sappy holiday Hallmark commercials, forget about it! I’m a mess for those lol so we’d be sitting there together laughing and crying for sure. Glad I’m not the only one.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I totally totally get this! I am such a cryer, but usually not because I’m sad or regretful, but, because I’m really feeling the moment- whether it’s nostalgic, sentimental, meaningful, or memorable. You’ll always find me tearing up over something! lol <3

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