Currently, Jan 2016

Current Book – I just read “Three Little Words” by Ashley Rhodes-Courter. I probably won’t have time to look for my next book for about 2 weeks.

Current Guilty Pleasure – homemade chocolate mint brownies. But there’s only one left!

Current Drink – water

Current Favorite Blog – Outdoorsy Diva

Current Song – Still into you, Paramore

Current Wish-List – less tension with DD2

Current Needs – a nap

Current Triumph – Got the golf tournament web page live at work

Current Indulgence – dinner dates with my husband

Current Outfit – skirt, sweater, tights, heels

Current Banes of My Existence – my daughter’s girlfriend’s cat scratching Brian’s chair

Current Excitement – it’s a brand new year!

Current Mood – turning wounds into wisdom


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