Currently, Nov. 2012

Current Book – Just got from library today “The unthinkable thoughts of Jacob Green : a novel“, and halfway through, to better understand my daughter “When the brain can’t hear : unraveling the mystery of auditory processing disorder

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure – Lindt’s Lindor dark chocolate truffles that I got free by couponing.

Current Drink – water + green Airborne

Current Favorite Blog – Life With Ladies

Current Song – One More Night, Maroon 5

Current Wish-List – Ninja or Bullet for smoothies and juicing. Which do you prefer?

Current Needs – dinner cooked by someone else while I sit 🙂

Current Triumph – that thing Wendy said to me the other day that proved what a great kid she is!

Current Indulgence – Facebook

Current Outfit – jeans and a Ragnar shirt, purple New Balance

Current Banes of My Existence – Alice shrugging off hugs with a WHiiiiNE

Current Excitement – Ragnar TN in T-minus something hours.

Current Mood – pumped!

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