December Fitness Challenge

GiftofFitness_DecChallengeDenise from RunDMT like to come up with fitness challenges. It keeps her focused on working out. Often, I learn about them “too late” to join in. But for this challenge I was right on time.

With holidays and traveling coming up, I’m glad she didn’t make the challenge anything to strenuous. I never know how much space or time I will have to work out in my inlaw’s basement around Christmas, but I also need something to kick my willpower to next Tuesday and prevent me from eating all of her fudge and toasted ravioli.

In the past she has had challenges such as burpees, planks, push-ups, yoga and ab exercises. I hate burpees, but love planks.Well, this time she is letting US decide what we want to do, and keep encouraging each other to do it. I say US because that includes YOU!

So, I give to you RunDMT’s “Gift of Fitness”, a December fitness challenge that is simply a reminder to do something, anything – every day in December.  By doing something every day, we’ll help battle the holiday bulge.

Anything goes! Run, walk, plank, vinyasa, swim, run, bike or burpee your way through December! Pick whatever fitness will keep you on track with your goals and do it. Or change it up each day!

Check out the hosts: RunDMT and Jenny of MetamorFit. Then, give yourself the Gift of Fitness this December! Join us by adding your blog title and url and/or your Twitter handle and url to the linky party at the bottom of RunDMT’s post by clicking the blue face at the bottom of the post. Then, follow @denisermt and @JennyMetamorfit on Twitter.  Use the hashtag #fitgift.

Spread the word by regifting our fitness challenge! Share #fitgift with your readers and followers. Blog about it and add the button to your sidebar. Tweet it if you want. “I’m giving myself the Gift of Fitness this December with @denisermt and @JennyMetamorFit. #fitgift”

Last weekend I took a Sunday night hot yoga class, and we were all challenged to hold a 90 second forearm plank. As part of my challenge on December First I did a 95 second forearm plank, and Brian timed me with a stopwatch. I don’t think that made up for the ganache I ate from between layers of cake at a baby shower this morning, but we’ll pretend it did! I also bought the best power racks for home gym and it has helped me a lot to improve my physique.

Join me! Good luck!


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