On Dasher… on Dancer… A 5k Giveaway!


It’s coming! The exciting ElectroDash5k on Friday March 21 at 8:30pm at the Florida State Fairgrounds. And I have to entries to give away as my Valentine’s gift to you! Check out this video to see what this glowing run party sensation is like…

New in the “fun run” line up, the ElectroDash 5k will be the first in Tampa… in fact it will only be the second event in the US. (There’s already been a great response to ElectroDash5k races in Canada.)

Now, this is not the kind of race you want to shoot for a PR at. I haven’t been to a glow run, but I have been to a color run, and people kind of meander and twirl through the course. There will be lots of people, and kick-@$$ music and glow sticks and 3 miles of hot beats and — did I mention the DJ?

Neon_Pink_blacklighttutuYou’ll want to show up wearing whatever looks best in blacklight. If you love to run in costume, you can search Black Light on PartyCity.com or Yandy.com for items like this glowing tutu. Or just wear black if you want to disappear like a ninja. You’ll be greeted at the glow sticks, but black light makeup, nail polish, or hairspray would be a cool addition. There will be a black-lit photobooth, but some of these events get 12,000 people, so you may want to bring your own camera.

And bring whoever you feel like dancing with! There’s no age limit or requirement here. Pets, however, are not allowed.

best_girls_pic_resized_for_bannerAnd then, just when you thought you were done, there’s the finish line dance party! Music, swag and neon lasers will keep the party pumping!

(And if a 5k is 4ks too long for you, you can also register to volunteer at the race if you’re over 16 years old. All of the fun, none of the run.)

DJs Perspective black light run

Don’t forget people, it’s Valentine’s Day. Need a great last minute gift? Nothing is better than a good time had together making memories with your sweetheart! Promo codeĀ TBB15 will give you a 15% off discount when registering for either the ElectroDash 5k Tampa (www.electrodash5k.com) or its sister race Color Me Rad Tampa (www.colormerad.com) coming on 5/24. With your registration for the ElectroDash, you’ll get fun swag like a T-shirt, an LED bracelet, neon sunglasses, and more.
But before you register… enter the contest below! I have 2 entries to give away, and they will both go to ONE lucky winner, because we all need a dance partner to really break it down.

First, check out the event on Facebook and get a feel for it, make sure it’s for you, perhaps hit LIKE, then head back here… I’ll wait patiently.

Next, tell me in a comment on this post, who you would bring as your ElectroDash partner, and if that person is more like glow dancer A, B, or C below!

A. Dizzy Dancer
glow runner glasses
B. Dazzle Diva
black light makeup
C. Glow Show Off
black light leggings

I’ll choose a random winner on March 1… good luck!

7 Replies to “On Dasher… on Dancer… A 5k Giveaway!”

  1. NikkyJ says:

    That event looks awesome!

  2. Taylor says:

    The person that I am bringing is one heck of a hairdresser that makes EVERYONE look great and is always in style..She reminds me of Dazzle Diva!!

  3. Taylor says:

    Is the promo code exp?? I just tried to use it just to see if it worked so I could pass the code along to a friend and it said that it was valid code..

    • RunningBetty says:

      Do you mean it said it was an invalid code? Because “valid” means you can use it.

      • Taylor says:

        invalid..yes, I need to read before I post. It said it was invalid.

        • RunningBetty says:

          The director just said “Thanks for letting me know about this. For some reason the code had gone inactive. I have re-activated it. Please have the person email me if the still want to register and I will make sure they get the same price of registration as on 2/19 and will honor the $15 discount.” So let me know if you still need his email address!

  4. Ali A says:

    Dazzle Diva is my girl

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