February Challenge = #lovemyabs

As you may know, I spent January completing a Barre Fitness Challenge. I have 2 classes left on Mon and Tues, and then I’ll have some photos and measurements for you. The owner was running out of brochures, and I said I would trade her some graphic design and my friend Tanya is trading some photography – so we can keep working out there and they can have a brochure that looks better than toast.

Meanwhile… my Feb. Challenge is “Love My Abs” put together by fellow Tampa Bay Bloggers members Jenny from Metamorfit and Denise from RunDMT.

The challenge starts with 100 reps of anything for your abs for the first week of Feb. and increases by 20 reps each week, like so:
Week 1: 2/1-2/7 = 100 reps
Week 2: 2/8-2/14 = 120 reps
Week 3: 2/15-2/21 = 140 reps
Week 4: 2/22- 2/28 = 160 reps

Anyone can join – just click the link above to find the Challenge on Facebook, and if you have any trouble leave a comment and I’ll help you out.

It’s hard for me to count my ab reps. I do a lot of core work in barre class and at yoga, but it’s not something I count. I have an instructor telling me what to do, and I follow instructions. The first question I asked Jenny was, “What about planks?” and the group decided one-minute plank = 25 crunches. But again, I don’t time my planks in barre class. We plank, then turn to one side and bring our arms over our heads and drop our hips for a few reps, then back to plank, then one leg plank, then other side plank… am I supposed to keep watching the clock?

And then after barre class yesterday I went to aerial yoga with Alice again. I actually tried some plank-to-pike moves in the swing and some hanging upside down crunches all the way up to my knees. But just a few here and there to play with how it felt in the swing.

I’ve decided to assume one barre class counts as a completed day. If a yoga class includes boat, crunches or planks; I’ll count that too. And on my off days I’ll have to roll out a mat on the living room floor and just go for it, like I did on Friday.

Prizes will be given to those participants that actively post/tweet/instagram their progress using the hastag #lovemyabs. I’ve been posting on the Facebook page, so now I’ll have to start more Instagram action.

Aerial Yoga class #2 with Alice was great. We had a class of 7 and we hung upside down like Spiderman – with our feet in the air in cobblers post – or butterfly – and our heads towards the ground. It was quite obvious that Alice was not only having glorious fun, but had already progressed from last week. It’s also obvious where her back is injured from the car crash. She has a convex point on the lower left side that the teacher and I both noticed while she was in downward dog.

Lora also joined us.


From left to right: Me, Alice, Lora in the front row1 3 4Not only is this class freeing and an amazing way to create space in your hips, back and neck, but the teacher is pure goodness. She’s super sweet and kind, full of guidance and makes you feel like you can do anything.

After aerial yoga we went back to FitLife Foods. We got a turkey chili size medium and a chicken gyro to go and split them at home with an orange and a starfruit. We enjoyed lunch together at the dining room table and she caught me up on life with her girl drama and new boyfriend, who she thinks is the sweetest guy ever.

I made a mommy faux-pas yesterday. My little one looked bummed on the couch, so I texted a fellow mom and asked her to have her daughter call my daughter to hear a friendly voice. But the girl called and said, “your mom said to call you.” Fail… I made my apologies and said she just looked bummed and I thought girlfriend time would clear that up. She was upset with me for butting in for about 45 minutes, but when she ended up shoe shopping with the friend who called that cleared things up.

While she was with her friend, I dropped Alice off at a sleepover, returned my library books, and hit Target for bananas and peanut butter. They have the cheapest bananas near me and the biggest jars of natural peanut butter.

We made a mixed grill for dinner last night. Wendy is debating trying a gluten free diet – more on that another time – so we went with shrimp (her favorite) and Johnsonville Chipotle Monterey Jack Cheese Chicken Sausage skewered on the grill. I made some brown rice and had Brian throw some carrots and green peppers on the grill.

While busy in the kitchen, I started putting together a chili to have for lunch the next couple of days. It involved a lot of leftovers, along with a can of black beans, a chopped onion and green pepper and a small can of green chilis.

After dinner, Wendy went in her room for the evening to do her art and online life, and I spent time with Brian. There was chocolate cake involved – and HE is the one who has been craving it the last 2 weeks.

Lots of my friends ran the Best Damn Race yesterday, and many PR’ed. I hear the course was great, the swag bag was great, the beer was good, the shirts were iffy, and the 45 degree temp was an unexpected bonus. I hope next week’s races are just as much fun for everyone – and that’s in part selfish because I will be there.

And today it is on to grocery shopping, and possibly visiting the local flea market for the first time. I hope your Sunday is a great one!

7 Replies to “February Challenge = #lovemyabs”

  1. That aerial yoga class is so cool! I need to find one to try out over in Riverview. How do you think it compares to regular yoga? Do you muscles feel different? From your blog post it sounds like you have had a a great week/weekend. I am glad you daughter got cheered up from the shoe shopping. 🙂 I also joined the abs challenge. I am a little behind and I will start it on Monday after my crazy week/weekend. 🙂

  2. Run DMT says:

    Thanks for the #lovemyabs plug! It’s going to be a great challenge! WOOHOO!

    The Best Damn Race ROCKED! I love the course!

    I would totally vomit doing that yoga. LOL I’d be curious to try it, though. With a barf bucket just below, just in case you know. Haven’t been to FitLife yet, but I so want to try it.

    Our Target has the cheaper banana and large PB cheaper too. Why is that?!

  3. Jenny says:

    Thanks for the #lovemyabs shout-out! Glad you are joining us!

    This workout looks amazing. I have such tight hip flexors from cycling though since I’ve been doing yoga/pilates for nearly a month now, I totally noticed the difference in my hips when I did the 10k yesterday. Yoga works!! Have you found that the aerial yoga helps release your hips a bit more??

  4. Kat says:

    We did that class once! And giggled the entire time 😉

  5. Ohh I didn’t know about the Love My Abs Challenge…will have to hop on board! I really need to try aerial yoga…it looks awesome!

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