Pushing the Limits 7/09

Pushing the Limits challenge July 2009
It’s time to say GOOD RIDDANCE to jelly arms! In our quest to be hip and fit moms, Run DMT and RunningBetty have teamed up to present our readers with the ultimate challenge. During the month of July, we’re PUSHING THE LIMITS with our Push-Up Challenge.
Our goal: 100 push-ups before the end of July!

With help of hundredpushups.com, this goal will be painfully easily achieved.

From hundredpushups.com:

“Push ups are one of the basic and most common exercises for the human body. Push ups are not only great for your chest, but do a tremendous job of defining your abs, triceps, shoulders and torso.”

Hundredpushups.com offers a week-by-week plan to help make this an attainable goal. Commit to just three days a week and you will be a lean, mean, hot machine! Hundredpushups.com also include a Pushups Logger you can use for tracking, or to post your results through Twitter automatically!

1. Are you up for the challenge? If so, drop and give me twenty … ten … five? and sign your name in blood in the comments below. Be sure to fill out the URL field with your domain so others can follow your progress on your blog.

2. Help spread the word about our “Pushing the Limits Challenge” by sharing it with your blog readers.

3. Add our “Pushing the Limits” bloggie button to your site and link back here. You can copy and paste this code:

4. Please tweet about it, too! Something like this:

@denisermt & @rafdarrow have me Pushing the Limits! Can you do 100 pushups? http://runningbetty.com/pushing-the-limits-709 #pushupjuly

5. (Maybe, just maybe, there will be prizes too!)

and if you have an extra 30 mins a week, check out their two hundred sit-ups plan!
Pushing the Limits – 100 Push-ups by 7/31/2009!
@denisermt, @rafdarrow, #pushupjuly

35 Replies to “Pushing the Limits 7/09”

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  2. mommymomo says:

    I love this!!! I’m sooo in!!!
    I can do about 15-18 push ups right now. that is the girl way of course.

  3. mommymomo says:

    I’m going to blog about this!

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  6. Brian says:

    Alright. I’m in.

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  8. […] our quest to be hip and fit moms, Running Betty and Run DMT have teamed up to present our readers with the ultimate challenge.  During the month […]

  9. […] A few quick stretches and then straight in to the second part of todays challenge – still in my sweat soaked running shorts – the 100 consecutive press-ups. I realised that if I actually stopped and thought about it, I would procrastinate and put the press-ups off until later. By going straight into them, I really had no time to decide not to do them. The first 40 were relatively easy but found myself beginning to tire very quickly past this point. By 70, I was ready to give up and my hands were slipping on the floor. 80 though to 90 were hellish and the last 10 were done in bursts of 2 press-ups, pause for a pant, then another 2. Once you reach 90, it becomes a case of mind over matter to finish – you’re knackered but so tantalisingly close it woud be rude not to complete the 100. Once done, I dropped to the floor, and lay there until the pain in my forearms and the small of my back (weird!) faded. Interestingly, Running Betty and Run DMT have organised a 100 press-up Julyathon challenge – if you’re interested, details are here. […]

  10. lindsay says:

    well since brian’s in, i’m in. i have to beat him at something!

  11. Paul says:

    ugh, I promised to stop doing these after the Army, but ok I am in. 100 in a month. Why am I friends with Brian again? Oh yeah, fitness feeling healthy blah blah blah

  12. mommymomo says:

    okay my post is up! question?
    i did my initial test. I did the girl push ups. should i be doing the boy ones?

  13. Eva says:

    Count me in too, I’ve got to do something to improve my pathetic press up ability!

  14. Vickey says:

    Ok – I’m in.

  15. carolyn says:

    alright I’m down. 100 by the end of the month…seems feasible. bring it.

  16. […] our quest to be hip and fit moms, Running Betty and Run DMT have teamed up to present our readers with the ultimate challenge.  During the month […]

  17. I am in!!! And very excited!

  18. Oh…I just printed out the 200 sit-up challenge too! Woohoo! Look out!

  19. eva says:

    Day 1 – 10 girlie press ups, I going to build these up for a few days then try some proper press ups again!

  20. Maria says:

    Why not…have to love a challenge!

  21. dan newns says:

    im in currently on week 5!!

  22. Becca says:

    Count me in! =D

  23. cameron says:

    This hurts, but I’m in. Twenty full body push ups for my initial test and I barely made it through day 1 today — ouch!

  24. Rachel says:

    Oh yes count me in love a new challenge!!!

  25. […] a lighter note have started a new challenge the http://runningbetty.com/pushing-the-limits-709 We have to do 100 press ups by end of July. That won’t affect my ankle and getting rid of […]

  26. Sai says:

    Hey, I’m new to your blog but I’d love to join in!


  27. cameron says:

    I’m on day 2 — I’m going all out and doing the full on push ups. I did 50 today, but can barely lift my arms – my whole body is feelin’ this — I love it!

  28. […] alone the 31st July, but I’m up for a challenge! Feel free to join in with us by signing up here or just doing the 100 push up programme. Scribs, Claire, Stan, Damian and Sarah G have already […]

  29. ASICS Girl says:

    Hmm, I didn’t see this until today, but think I will commit. Have very weak girly arms now. Will do the push up test tonight and will report back!

  30. I’m in! I tweeted it and added it to my blog. My hubby is joining me for this one too. 🙂

  31. I am SO in..I need to get the bat wings under control and at my ripe old age, the boobies could use the lift.
    Thanks for the motivation

  32. […] we all need to embrace exercise as part of our goal to be skinny moms, so check out RunningBetty.com.  Betty is a mom of tween girls and while she was down with exercise, could never get into running […]

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