Time for a Fresh Meal Plan!

Sometimes when balancing life and health and food – and for me that means packing lunch for work – I just want to look at the choices and shout, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” Usually though, I try to set aside time on Sunday to cook up healthy food I can portion out for work lunches all week. But as we all know, Sunday Funday plans can ruin best-laid meal planning! Plus, many of my friends are packing lunches for their children as well, not just themselves.

Then dinner menus get added to the mix! It’s so easy to come home from work and NOT want to cook. But eating out means added sodium and other stuff I don’t want in my food.

Recently a friend introduced me to Fresh Meal Plan. By signing up for one of their plans, you can have freshly prepared, healthy and delicious meals delivered right to you! Plus, they offer meal plans to fit many diet types – like paleo, vegetarian, contest prep for bodybuilders, high performance for athletes, and vegan. Or, like me, traditional.

types of plans

The food comes ready to be heated up in small containers, so the portion sizes are determined for you. Sign up, select a meal plan, choose delivery or pick-up, and reheat the fully cooked meals!


mealsI was offered a free week of lunches by Fresh Meal Plan Tampa Bay in exchange for this blog post giving my honest opinion about the food. I had a salmon meal with spaghetti squash and broccoli with honey mustard sauce, chicken stir fry over quinoa, apple pecan turkey salad (shown), and brisket bolognese over spinach with zucchini (shown). Some comments…

  1. The food I tried was delicious! The salmon and turkey salad were my favorites but I would recommend them all.
  2. The portion size was perfect for lunch if I had fruit between lunch and dinner. If I had nothing in between lunch and dinner I was really hungry 5 hours later.
  3. labelThe labels on the meals don’t show the full ingredients. I don’t know what was in the sauces or breadings – just the main ingredients are listed. (shown)

There was another day we had a catering tray from Fresh Meal Plan at work to share. The gluten free waffles were too bland for me, but the banana muffins were delicious with very rich frosting – even though they were paleo – no wheat, no gluten, no dairy.

I also really enjoyed the sweet potato fries, pasta, farro with cranberries and chicken satay. The green beans had too many onions for me. I didn’t try the Mediterranean salad because I don’t care for olives.

IMG_7256 IMG_7257

Fresh Meal Plan is not a diet system using shakes, pills, cookies, or preserved and packaged meals. It’s all freshly made from a culinary team comprised of the highest level chefs led by Patrick Delaney. They also have 100% organic, raw, cold-pressed juices, but I have not tried one yet.

Not convinced? Here’s what they suggest:

For one week, log every dollar you spend on food and how much time you spent shopping for it, prepping it, cooking it and then cleaning up after it. Then think about how much your time is worth and realize that not only did you NOT save time or money, but you also do not have the variety of food that Fresh provides our Fresh Family clients with on a daily basis.

What is more convenient then having your own personal Fresh Chef deliver healthy meals right to your home, office, or school? You need a full spectrum of nutrients to achieve inner wellness and they’ll provide them at an exceptional level. Let their team of nutrition experts do the work for you so that you can use your spare time to do something much more fun!

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