Juneathon III

Thanks RUN DMT for letting me know about Juneathon. NowI need to backtrack and tell you what exercise I have been doing so far in June. Just because I have been slacking on blogging does not mean I have been slacking on working out! My kids are out of town so my eves are being spent with hubby and I have been avoiding using my PC at night. Does that sound backwards? I guess I’m making my absence of children a mini-vacation.

June 1 was Monday. Monday I ran about 3 miles at the park. Usually I run to the park (1 mile), once around the park (1 mile) and then home (3rd mile). But this time I drove to the park and ran 3 laps around it. It felt safer since I was running earlier. I think I freaked a lady out though. She was walking, and I was trying to be encouraging, and asked if she wanted to run just to the drinking fountain with me (less than 1/2 mile from where we were) and she said, “No, sorry, I don’t know where that is.” It’s all a big circle, so I doubt she didn’t know where it was, she probably thought I was trying to get her to where my accomplice was waiting. But no such luck, I was just a lay trying to push through her 3rd mile with someone to talk to.

legcurlJune 2 was Tues. I did a gym workout in the morning focusing on lower body because I knew I was going to Yoga that night and would get a lot of upper body there with all those chatarangas and downward dogs. At the gym I did 20 mins cardio, mostly on the rowing machine because I had something pinched in my neck (stress). Leg extension machine, lying hamstring curl machine (shown, hehe). Then I did walking lunges with 8lb medicine ball, 2 sets of 10. Squats with a resistance band tricep pull back, 1 set 20. Squats on the BOSU, 15 on each side. Tricep kickbacks on the BOSU upside down, with two 7-lb weights. Lying Hamstring flexion on ball, 12 with 2 legs, no arms, 12 on each side with arms stabilizing, another 12 with 2 legs but with arms. Plank, oblique crunches with ball against the wall, back extension on ball against the wall. 60 bicycle crunches.

backbendThat night I went to integral yoga from my favorite Yoga teacher in St Petersburg, Florida – Haris Lender. I don’t get to go very often because it is on my daughter’s karate night, but since she is out of town I treated myself to a night of toning, flex training, relaxing, deeply meditative yoga. And I won a free class through a quick trivia deal she did. I tried to “float home” afterwards, like Haris recommends, but it’s hard when you have to drive home on the highway. The only trouble I had was going from bridge pose (I think it was) to a Supported Shoulderstand. We were supposed to just kick our legs back using our abs, and everyone could do it but me. Haris came over and said, “I know you can do this, you go to the gym every day.” But alas I could not. Now I have Yoga Homework!

Today is June 3, Wed. I did 3 laps at the park again. I told 2 women I crossed paths with there that it was National Running Day. One laughed and thanked me. (See, I did not learn a lesson about talking to people at the park.) One guy zipped by me and almost hit my arm – then I realized it was my husband messing with me as he ran by – part of his 8 miles for the day.

And tonight I will try to find somewhat healthy enchiladas or burritos at Tijuana Flats as I dine out with my husband and our BOGO coupon.

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