My toes are cozy

Step TWO in my process of going from jogging to running:

I got new running shoes!

I went to an independent running store near me that came in high regards (from my husband and daughter who run – Feet First on 4th Street) and tried on a bunch of stuff. I think I was there 1.25 hours. The manager of the store helped me herself, watched me walk and run, suggested her favorites, discussed budget, etc.
I ended up with Brooks Glycerin and new Balega (non-cotton) socks. I spent over $100 but plan to make it quite worth it.

Right now I am looking silly on my sofa in a Nitesweatz nightgown with the new socks and sneakers, but we need to bond…

I love to run – 2009

For the past 3 years I have been a jogger. This year I will be a runner.
I will wear sleek shoes and non-cotton socks and feel the breeze in my face. I will see the shape of my legs alter and wear my hair in a ponytail.

I feel the past 3 years have only prepped me for right now. I have built up my upper body strength, stabilized my core, found the music that makes me tick, and watched enough GMA on the TV at the gym to never need to see Matt Lauer again.

Today’s run:

Intervals by song.
Planned: Walk a song, run a song, walk a song, run a song, walk a song – home.

Actual: Walked to Jessica Simpson’s A Public Affair (3:22).
Ran to Xtina Aguilera’s Ain’t No Other Man (3:48).
Walked to Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes (3:11).
Ran to Robyn’s Be Mine! (3:28)
Walked to Hillary Duff’s Beat of My Heart. (3:09)
But I wasn’t home yet…
Ran a fartlek to the stop sign behind the Holland’s house to the beginning of Jack Johnson’s Better Together (3:29). Walked from the stop sign across the main street. Ran the beginning of K T Tunstall’s Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (2:54) until my street. Walked from the corner to my house.
Total: 1.75 miles.

I followed up my first run with 16 “real” push ups, 60 bicycle crunches and some stretching.

The only problems I encountered were loss of breath at the end of “Be Mine!” some right shoulder pain that went away by the time I stretched, and a stitch on and off but very slight on the right side about 2 ribs under my bra line.

Hello Feet!

I’ve decided I’m going to start running this year. I’m not sure how far or how frequently, but this is the year. I’ve watched my husband (Brian) and my daughter (Alice) run plenty of 5ks and I think I need. My body needs it, my mind needs it and my booty needs it. And my sense of accomplishment needs it.

2009 is my year for running!

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