Prepping for school

Today I did not work out, but I ran so many errands in the heat with my kids that I may still have sweat just as much.

There was the Target run – for Avery binders (on sale for $2 and of course I had a $1 off coupon), and friends who wanted locker shelves. Next door was Party City, and the kids just wanted to look around there because it’s fun. Then next to that was Bath and Body Works, where the Halloween display made me want to shout – it’s too early for this! (But the little bat hand sanitizer holder is glittery and adorable.)

Then we went to the grocery store for some quick BOGOs. Then we hit Walgreen’s for ORANGE nail polish because that is the hot nail polish color for fall that my daughter must have. (And I admit, I’ll use it a lot too.) And gum, because she chews gum after lunch at school to freshen her breath. Even though gum is not allowed. Anyway, Alice’s friend got one pack of gum for $1.60, and Alice – using our hot new tactics) got 9 packs & a candy cane for $1.75.

We came home and tried on uniforms, filled out forms and went through school supplies and textbooks (still waiting on 3 in the mail… come on…) How do you put your child’s name on a black cloth-covered binder or a black calculator? (Silver Sharpie is Wendy’s answer, which might be the only Sharpie color I don’t own.) Perhaps colorful duct tape with black marker?

Tomorrow is the doctor, dentist, a quick JCPenney run and Alice’s first official Cross Country practice. Many of the kids from her grade are not returning to the team this year. She has a couple girls older than her that she hangs with on the team, and one younger than her. The girl from her grade that used to make up silly songs and wear striped socks with her has quit to be a football cheerleader this year. Ninth grade is an interesting year…

…AND the last 2 coupon finding tips of the weekend:

6. Bank Statements: BillShrink works with banks to analyze consumer spending habits and provide coupons in your bank statements above certain purchases. In essence, this method allows retailers to target coupons specific to your likes and needs, instead of requiring customers do the research.

7. Coupon Trains: Think of these as coupon chain letters. It’s a coupon exchange through the mail, which I had never heard of before and would probably never care to do. An envelope of coupons is mailed from the “conductor” to the first person on the train list. That person removes the coupons they want, replaces them with those of equal value and number, then mails the envelope on to the next member. Many such trains are now sponsored by mommy bloggers. I guess I could get rid of those diaper and dog food coupons easily, but I just throw them away.

There’s not much else to report here… just busy being mommy for the next couple of days. I’m hoping to get in some quick core and upper body stuff in the living room tomorrow AM, and a yoga class on Tues. Someone go run for me 🙂


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