#100Pushups Challenge Day 3

Now that Juneathon is over, I am perfectly content to do zero exercise on Sundays. But since Brian, Alice and I were all home this evening, we all busted out our pushups. Alice did week 1, day 2. Brian and I both did week 3, day 3. My max set was the 21 it had to be, but Brian did 30. He asked, “If I do 100, can I just quit the Julyathon?”
Alice and I agreed that, yes, he could quit the whole thing if he would drop and give us 100 at any time during the month.
But he hasn’t yet 🙂

Sorry to hear about the WDW Monorail crash and death. Sad and scary.

Alice’s new favorite TV show is Dance Your @$$ off. I am quite surprised they are allowed to call a show that! I guess that’s cable…

Tonight was a fun dinner of grilled chicken breasts a la Brian, spinach salad for me and no one else, watermelon for me and Alice, and Annie’s Mac & Cheese for all. Now we are enjoying The Simpsons, and then Brian is going to teach us to make homemade energy bars. Quality time to the third power!

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