Race Report: Midnight 5k

Kiwanis Midnight RunMy 12 year old daughter Alice is our guest blogger today. She ran the Kiwanis Midnight 5k last night. I was merely a cheerleader. She prepped for a while, napped that day, got real hydrated and well fed, and here’s how it played out:

“We left for the run at 9pm because we had a long drive to get there. A got a goody bag with a cereal sample in it, and I’ve been wanting that cereal sample for months to make my race packet feel official. The tshirt has a kitty cat on it. I’m glad they had kids sizes.

Brian and AliceI warmed up with my dad and then went to the starting line while the 1 mile race was going on. (Mom was surprised how many adults were in the 1 mile run. I thought it would be all 8 year olds.)

There were no pace markers at the start to tell people where to stand, so the start was very crowded with slow people up front. I also smelled a lot of smokers around me. The lady next to me said she had been a chain smoker for 20 years and traded that habit for a running addiction instead. She was 54. They blew a horn and we started running. It was all going great until around 1. 5 miles some girl about my age started freaking out about needing water and flailed around her arms and legs and tripped me. I almost fell, but didn’t. I kept on running. She made me angry, which slowed me down. There wasn’t any water until 2.5 miles, which was weird. I don’t get water during a race anyway. Only when training. I was doing pretty good until the last half mile I slowed down and lost my 24 mins by about 20 seconds. That made me sad.

first of 12-13 year old girlsI got a weird banana and an organic fiber bar that was peanut butter flavored but was so gross I think it was penis butt-er flavored. I got FIRST in my age group award of 12-13 year old girls. That felt good. My dad got 4th in his age group. There were also a lot of drawings, but we didn’t win any of the prizes we were there for. There were still 60 more left to give away when we decided to drive home at about 12:45.

I came home and showered and my mom made me some eggs. We have a special recipe called CRAIG, which is half crepes and half scrambled eggs. I fell asleep like a rock around 1am until 11am.

I would probably do another night time run. It was still pretty hot and it was not as flat as people kept telling us. I’m glad we didn’t get rained out, though. And nothing went wrong with the car! There were about 2000 people there and a bunch were varsity high schoolers who ran the 10k. It’s the 30th year for this race! The 10k gets lit by luminary candles, which is pretty. Winning first for my age group was cool. It’s the first time I’ve done that. We’ll hang the plaque in my room this weekend!”

(Mom heard from a woman who walked the 1 mile in 14 minutes that she used to run track in school but her shoes were so bad that the muscle permanently separated from the bone, and now she can’t run 4 steps without hurting. Sad. That’s why I should not complain when my daughter gets $100 running shoes from her father, right?)

The run went over a causeway – here’s a fun map from B’s Garmin:
kiwanis midnight run

Did you run a race in the past 2 days? I hear 4th of July is the biggest running day in the US…Happy 4th. Don’t forget your pushups!

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