Ragnar Relay Awards

Almost once a month, Brian and I gather a group of 12 running strangers and create a team for a Ragnar Relay.

This is a 200-mile overnight cross country running race, and they are all around the country in very beautiful locations. We don’t really run to win, we don’t put that kind of pressure on anyone and the beauty of a race like this is you can have new runners and elite runners together on one team! But there are SPIRIT AWARDS to be won, and we’re all about that. Basically, they are fun awards your friends vote on. Usually they have:

  • Best decorated van
  • Best costumes
  • Best team name
  • Most Spirited team

Although we bring a rainbow array of window markers, and our twinkling, colored lights do make our van get a lot of oohs and aahs once the course grows dark, we have never vied for the Best Van Decorations award.

However, we have successfully taken on Best Team Name (the Nom de Plume award) twice, most spirited team (Homecoming Award) once, and a special Light the Night award once.

Running for the Halibut – best team name Ragnar Cape Cod 2012

Best team name – Long Distance RELAY-tionship, Ragnar Northwest Passage 2012

Cindy Lights up the Night for the win at the Ragnar del Sol 2012

Being nearly naked won us the Homecoming award at Ragnar Great River 2012

Next week we’ll be at Napa Valley Ragnar Relay… I’m not sure what we’ll try to win,  but you can be sure I’ll tweet, text and Facebook about it a LOT on late Fri and early Sat. Sorry if that bugs you, but just to clarify – if you do want to vote you only need to text ONE time. Not over and over. And then their automated system will send back a text that is worded oddly and make you think you voted wrong, but if you typed in what we tweeted, then rest assured we’ve done this before and you voted right!


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  1. lindsay says:

    i just love how DR took off for you guys, even though i think this wasn’t the expected path, i’m glad it’s working out well and who can complain about the party of relay-ing!?!

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