Recipe: Whole Wheat Calzones

For some reason I decided over the weekend that calzones would be something fun and yummy to make on Sunday and take to work for lunch during the week. The recipe I found online that sounded easy called for frozen whole wheat bread dough. I couldn’t find frozen or refrigerated whole wheat bread dough at the store. Admittedly, I only tried one store, but I decided it would be fun to buy yeast and make my own dough.

The problem this presented was that within all the steps of rising and punching and letting dough sit, I wasn’t sure when the calzone stuffing should take place. So tonight when searching online for a whole wheat bread dough recipe that wouldn’t take 12 hours to rise and wouldn’t be enough to feed an army, it dawned on me to be more specific in my web search. I found this: The Vegan Chef – Whole Wheat Calzone Dough.

I don’t have a bread machine or a food processor, but I do have a tabletop mixer with a bread hook (thanks mom!), and decided to try the recipe using that.

Of course I played with the recipe, even though I had never made it before. Isn’t that always the case? Here’s my version:

Whole Wheat Betty Calzones

    1 1/3 cups warm water (110 degrees)
    3 T. olive oil
    1 – 1/4 oz. pkg. active dry yeast
    3 cups whole wheat flour
    1 1/2 tsp. salt
    1 1/2  TB honey
    olive oil

1. Pace the warm water, olive oil, and yeast in bowl of table top mixer with bread hook attached. Process for 30 seconds to combine. Allow the mixture to sit for 10 minutes or until foamy.

2. Add the flour and salt, and process 1 minute or until the dough comes together to form a ball.


3. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. If you are wearing rings or bracelets, this is the time to remove them.

4. Transfer the dough to a floured work surface (I used my Pampered Chef pizza stone with about 1/4c flour on it) and knead the dough for 3 minutes or until smooth and elastic. Drizzle with honey. Knead for another 3 minutes.

honey drizzle

honey drizzle

5. Lightly oil a large bowl with a little olive oil (make sure it is large because your dough will double in size). Place the ball of dough in the bowl, and roll the dough around the inside of the bowl to thoroughly coat it with the oil.

6. Cover the bowl with a clean, wet towel, and place in a 200-degree oven. Leave the dough to rise for 1 hour or until doubled in bulk.

7. In the meantime prepare your filling for the calzones. Mine are veggie and cheese. I combined about 4 oz chopped mushrooms with a handful of fresh spinach and sauteed in butter with a little garlic (I would have used more mushrooms and spinach, but that’s all that I had). Once the spinach was wilted and the mushrooms had browned I added 1/2 head steamed, chopped broccoli, 1/2 head steamed, chopped cauliflower and one cup of chunky, mild salsa. I also had about 3/4 cup low moisture/part skim mozzerella which I used as stuffing but did not heat in the pan.


8. After the dough has doubled in size, punch down the dough, and turn it out onto your  floured work surface again (you won’t need as much flour this time). Knead the dough a few times, place the bowl over the top of the dough, and leave it to rest for 20 minutes.


9. Divide the dough into 8 pieces. Using a rolling pin, roll out each piece of dough to form a 6-inch circle. Be careful not to roll too thin! Spoon your filling on one half of each circle of dough, leaving a 1/2-inch border around the edge. Fold the dough over to enclose the filling, crimp the edges closed with your fingers or a fork.

10. Transfer the filled calzones to a non-stick cookie sheet and bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes or until golden brown. Allow the calzones to cool for a few minutes before serving.


I froze 4, refrigerated 3 for work this week, and ate 1. YUMMM!

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  1. lindsay says:

    these look amazing. will have to expand my pizza dough talents if/when i return home and have a kitchen and oven again 🙂 make brian’s extra fattening to slow him down some.

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