She earned some brownie points…

Today my friend Katie blogged about “resisting the urge of the donut” or — how to avoid snacks your coworkers bring in. I thought it was ironic that her downfall was a donut because I had a donut conversation tonight too!

On the way home from work I picked up my daughter, and she told me about the 100% she got in math. I know we’re told not to reward kids with junk food, but when you live in a house with a healthy kitchen, a little junk goes a long way as a reward. I can’t remember the last time we had cookies or chips in the house… so I asked her, “Do you want a donut?” and she said “hells yah!”

Instead of turning right to go home, I turned left into the grocery store parking lot. I turned off the car. She looked up from her cell phone and at me and asked, “Why are we here? Are we really getting donuts? Do I have to share them with my sister? No, you know what, I’ll share them with you!” I love when teenagers talk in stream of consciousness run-on sentences!

We discussed the pros and cons of store-bakery donuts vs. Entemanns with the little crumbles on top. She wanted the crumbles. Unfortuantely, none of them were chocolate today. They were all white. I suggested a cake mix instead. I think we spent 10 minutes in the baked goods aisle comparing what was on sale, what I had a coupon for, what she likes, what daddy likes, what her friend Jack might want to bake with her after school tomorrow, etc. etc.

We ended up with brownies – and more brownies — and frosting.

Don’t ask.

I won’t take part in the buttercream because it will make me sick to my stomach, but those Duncan Hines Decandence chocolate peanut butter brownies can line my coffin someday and I’ll be a happy girl!

At work today Brian and I spoke about moving our business into a rental space we saw in downtown St Pete. We played with configurations of our furniture in that space – drawn to scale on graph paper. We might lose our kitchen table, but none of us sit at it for lunch anyway. We either sit at our desks or the game table.

And since this post seems to be going backwards in time, I started the day today with 75 mins Power Yoga with my friend B.

In about 15 minutes, Brian and I are driving across the bridge to Tampa (it always rains when we have to drive there at night) for a Ragnar Relay clinic at Fit2Run. Not because we need to learn more about Ragnar, but because we want to meet future potential team members! Our TN team shirts are going to be so cool! And we’re contemplating 2 del Sol teams if you wanna join…

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