So busy… thus, photos!

Ragnar TN has come and gone, and I have yet to tell of my experience as navigator in van 2. Obviously traveling creates a time-suck of its own, but we’re also moving our office and moving our clients’ files from one hosting server to another. We’re REALLY busy.

On the other hand, we’ve had some really great time come and go too. I volunteered at a water station for the Womens Half Marathon and met some great people, had family pictures taken, daughter ran in Cross Country Regionals and State meets, have our Ragnar Florida Key team ironed out – and other great things I can’t think about right now.

So – instead of coming up with the right words while my head is spinning, I’ll say it with photos. (Which is more fun, anyway…)

Fun Van 2 folks with kooky animal hats

Our Jack Daniel’s themed shirts at the Jack Daniel’s pop-up museum

My daughter went to homecoming, laughing in black & gold at a pre-party

Womens Half Marathon Mile 10 sign

RunDMT from volunteering at Womens Half Marathon mile 12

Wendy broke her thumb and got a cast (1st one for my kids)

Alice at the XC state meet


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  1. lindsay says:

    glad all are well in the busy D family! hope the office move goes smoothly… or as smoothly as possible.

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