Spring Break Part 1

A couple months before Spring Break, Brian realized we had a few free Marriott hotel rooms earned. We felt like we wanted to go someplace driving distance and fun for the whole family – and if we could incorporate college visits that would be a bonus too. We picked New Orleans, by way of Mobile, AL, on the way there and Tallahassee, FL, on the way back.

I scheduled a college tour with Tulane, and emailed the girls’ college counselor at school about it. She suggested that if we are going there we should also visit Loyola because, “it’s right next door, offers a lot more financial aid, and has an unparalleled communications department.”

Due to the short amount of time we had, I did not schedule class visits, just campus tours.

Also in New Orleans that week was Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam show – an arena show with cheaper tickets than their Big Tent shows. DD2 LOVES Cirque, and we are Club members of theirs, so we got a discount on tickets.

Day 1: Tuesday

On the road...

On the road from St. Pete to Gainesville…

Sleepy teenagers

Sleepy teenagers

We were going to try to eat only in locally owned eateries the whole trip, but missed the suggested Highway exit and ended up at BJs for lunch.

Post calzone. Vacation makes me hungry.

Post calzone shared with Wendy. Vacation makes me hungry.

"Alice your bites are huge," Wendy insisted. "Dad hasn't even gotten any yet.

“Alice your bites are huge,” Wendy insisted. “Dad hasn’t even gotten any yet.”

Wall-E was on a road trip too. Car in front of us

Coming up on Mobile, AL

Approaching Mobile, AL

In the tunnel

Driving through the tunnel

View from our Concierge level room.

View from our Concierge level room.

Concierge level means there is a room of food next door open throughout the day. When we arrived there were giant pretzels, bacon wrapped shrimp, crudité and an honor alcohol bar. We had a tiny snack and I snagged a bag of jalapeno chips for Wendy because that is a rare treat for her, but left quickly for dinner.

View down the great glass elevator

View down the great glass elevator of the Renaissance hotel.

Pretty blue glass and water wall art in the lobby

Pretty blue glass and water wall art in the lobby

We had dinner across the street from the hotel at The Royal Scam. Yelp helped us out with that one. It was a modern twist on bar favorites.

Yep, that was good! Alice had one too.

Yep, that was good! Alice had one too. She had mashed potatoes & mango salad with hers. I had Asian slaw and field greens.

The painting looked like Brian playing Guitar Hero on Wii

The painting looked just like Brian playing Guitar Hero on Wii



We stayed in the red part at the top

We stayed in the red part at the top

The family dogs enjoy the view

The family dogs enjoy the view. That’s Kaboodles on the left.

Then the girls went to the hotel cafe and we went to the bar. Unfortunately, the cafe was empty and the girls basically shared a couch texting for a couple hours. At the bar we enjoyed a guitarist and —

Adult chocolate milk and peanut butter cheesecake

Adult chocolate milk from the bar with peanut butter cheesecake from The Royal Scam


Lounging around on velvety couches

Before we went back up to the room, I downloaded a Catchphrase app on my phone and tested it out. Then we played kids against grown-ups for a while in bed(s).

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  1. Mindy Artze says:

    This looks like the best trip! What great memories!!! So sad spring break is over!!!

  2. Jenny says:

    wow, that painting does look like Brian!! I’m reading these posts all out of order! And I’m hungry.

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