Styling curly hair

This will be a multi part series when my daughters and I feel like it 🙂
Cuz we can. We’re blessed with great hair.
But we all have different hair. Therein lies the fun.
~ Alice has long, wavy brown hair of medium thickness that highlights naturally and gets lots of frizzies.

~ Wendy has super ultra thick hair that is about 90% straight and Brian’s dark brown color. Without layers she gets horrible knots.

~ And I am the curly top – almost black curls that are loose, not tight, and bounce back when you pull on them. Because they are loose, my curl comes out easily – like if I’ve had it in a ponytail all day.


Hair care #1 for Curly Girls (like me):
1. wash hair well. Remember when you wash your hair you are doing 2 things – cleaning the hair and cleaning your head. I used to wash every day because I worked out every day, but my stylist said I was overwashing my hair. It was hard to get in the habit of skipping shampoos. It still makes me feel icky sometimes. I use Sunsilk Captivating Curls shampoo and I don’t condition. Conditioner makes my hair feel slippery and weird for 2 days.

2. After my shower I towel dry my hair well, squeezing out a lot of water. If you want to maintain lots of curl, try this: White Sands Glaze mixed with White Sands Smudge. The amount you need depends on the length and thickness of your hair. I use about a quarter size of each and rub them together, almost like rubbing lotion on my hands, but only for 3 rubs, and then through all of my hair while wet with my head flipped upside down. Then I flip right-side up again and scrunch my curls back in place. I learnt most of it when I learnt how prp hair treatment works. The glaze adds shine and together you get a no-product feel with an extra boost of volume. Also de-frizzes. I find with the glaze alone my hair gets crunchy, but with the 2 together it is the perfect blend.

3. Blow dry with a diffuser. This allows the heat to dry your hair without a lot of AIR, so thus fewer frizzies. Keep the air on low but on hot if you have separate settings on your dryer. You can also put it right in your curls, instead of holding it 10 inches away. Scrunch while diffusing.

Notice that nowhere in any of these steps did you see the words COMB or BRUSH. I do use a comb sometimes in the shower to get the shampoo through my hair, but other than that curly girls don’t need a comb or brush. You may loose more hair in the shower because it isn’t coming out in your brush, but that’s OK.

Bam! There you go! Long lasting cute curls. You can even sleep on them and the next day just get your hands damp and scrunch your hair back into shape.

3 Replies to “Styling curly hair”

  1. ASICS Girl says:

    Don’t you miss conditioner? I have the feeling (no evidence mind) that my hair will look “bad” if I don’t use conditioner.
    I just might not bother anymore.

    thanks for the nice post!

  2. I don’t miss conditioner because my hair feels worse with it than without it. Most people condition for added moisture, my hair actually traps in moisture. I need the opposite. To really set my style – or when I want to go stick straight – I use a water-free hair spray.

  3. Trinity says:

    Whoa, things just got a whole lot eisaer.

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