Save $10 on groceries

I don’t usually promote something I have not experienced, so when I saw an offer to save $10 off $50 of groceries by using the new, I decided to try it for myself first.

Basically, you put all the items you want in your online shopping cart, then choose to pick them up at an available nearby Walmart, or have them shipped to you. I went for pickup. My local Walmart Neighborhood Grocery was not on the list, just the larger Walmart superstores near me. I’m sure it depends where you live. You get the Walmart low prices for the exact items you want without having to step into the store!

It was nice to think about the basics I needed for my day-to-day eating, and staple items I was running low on too – like soy sauce or apples, throughout the week instead of just during one shopping trip. I kept adding to the cart throughout the week without having to grab my credit card. So when we ran out of napkins and face wash, I quickly added those. And it’s not only limited to grocery/health, so I added a clip hanger on the list for my closet too. And I was able to continue adding through Friday night.

I chose Saturday 9-10am for my pickup, because I have an 8am meeting nearby on Saturdays. Pickup is free! There may be a fee to get your pickup faster.

First you make an account on the website. Obviously they have to know where you live to find a store near you, and if you do pickup you need to download the Walmart Grocery app to let them know when you are on your way. The website says: Choose a date and time for your order by clicking “Reserve” before you start to shop to make sure you get the time slot you want. This will also ensure you are looking at the store inventory of the store where you’ll pick up. You can also wait to book your time slot until you’re ready to place an order, but you risk not having your desired time available.

If you want items to show up on your doorstep, the delivery fee varies, and is based on the time slot you book. They use different partner companies to fulfill delivery orders depending on where you are located. Basically, they are trying to compete with Amazon Prime Now.

You can also choose to substitute or NOT substitute items on your list with a simple checkbox. If you you are accepting substitutions and the store doesn’t have the item on your list, they will go for the same item just a different brand – or they will substitute it for a bigger size at the same price.

I checked the app when my meeting ended at 8:33 and I was ready to drive to Walmart. The app said my order was ready (a little early) and I just had to click the “Check in” button to let them know I was on my way. I had the choice of sharing my location so they knew exactly when I’d be there, and what color my car was. I shared both. (The only thing missing here was a reminder to follow the orange arrows in the parking lot when I arrived, but I remembered that from the website.)

I drove down the street to Walmart and followed the orange arrows to the side of the building where there was a designated pickup area under a large, orange overhang for shade. Three other cars were there the same time as me – 8:42am. They all backed in to have their trunks facing the building. That’s not my style so I pulled in facing forwards.

Someone came to my car window with a device and asked my last name. About 6 minutes later two girls with some plastic bins on a dolly came to my car. They offered me a cold, bottled water. Then they asked if I wanted everything in my trunk. I said yes. One asked if I wanted the bread up front with me. I said it could go in back with everything else. The three of us loaded my trunk together, only because I chose to get out of my car. I certainly didn’t need to. I wanted to kind of eyeball the order and be sure it was right.

Everything in my order was right. One item that I allowed substitution for was substituted – the napkins were a different brand. They let me know that, and had me digitally sign their device and approve my order.

When I got back in my car I had missed a text from Walmart letting me know my order was ready!

The biggest drawback of using this system was the plastic bags. I shop with canvas reusable bags and try to avoid single use plastics in general. Luckily the kids at the school I work for use plastic bags for an art project each spring, so I have a place to turn them in to be reused. The volume of bags was increased because some items were double bagged, and sometimes one item was in its own bag – which was fine for the bread but wasteful when it was simply because the 2 items came from a different department.

One great convenience, besides not having to enter Walmart, is that you can easily reorder the same items again.

All in all, I got my groceries with forethought and ease and $10 off!! You can too! Just use this special link to shop, and you can share the link with anyone who hasn’t tried the system before – it’s good for any new customer:

This post was not an ad. I just used a coupon and shared the info.


Wrapping up the week

I left off with a not-so-wordless Wednesday last week, talking about my yummy drink. And before I knew it a week went by!

Things have been busy lately at work – meeting and client proposals out the wazoo. I’m not complaining, it’s great! But it keeps me more focused on paperwork and less focused on designing. Which, as art director, is really my job, but you know… I like to design stuff!

We’re also working on sponsorship proposals for Digital Running. It sure would be nice to have a great corporate sponsor for our Ragnar Relay teams throughout 2012. A company we believe in, with a similar culture, perhaps with a product we use – like a water bottle, tech shirt, or energy bar – and a van sponsor like Avis or Hertz. There is a Team Spirit (sponsored by Spirit Airlines, not Courtney Love or Frances Bean) and I’m willing to bet they can fly to race location on Spirit Airlines for free. Lucky!

We’re also putting together our goodie bags & shirts for team members, and the first Digital Running Club members to get goodie bags will be at the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in Oct! Because we are an official Disney Running Club, we have some great Disney running swag for them. We’re trying to design custom shirts that are easy to see without being obnoxious, from great tech fabric we’ll want to run in for years to come. Taxi cab yellow might be the ticket.

My mom wanted a Facebook page for her jewelry business, and my aunt wanted a Facebook page for her childbirthing classes in Ft. Lauderdale.

I swear, if I am not working out or peeing, I am in front of a laptop!!

So, yah, that’s what I’ve been doing. LOTS of yoga, lots of computer time, and back-to-school stuff in between a little bit. The kids came home from Camp Grandma today, so we’re back to juggling 4 schedules. But it’s all great fun!

I was able to hit BodyPump on Sunday and BodyFlow tonight. Other than that, Yoga every weekday morning (75-90 mins of power core class).

Wendy’s been very focused on her art this summer, so we had her do some artwork for digital running. Did you see them? She sketched, and I colored in Photoshop.  Alice is focused on running (she did her first 10 miler last weekend) and shopping for clothes. This is the first time she’s really going nuts about clothes, because she’s been in a school uniform for 10 YEARS and now suddenly she can wear jeans and flowered Forever 21 skirts and military style button down shirts. Lots of rings & nailpolish too!

Did you know Sept is National Coupon Month? I had a client tell me all the ins and outs of couponing last week. She’s one of those people who can buy $200 worth of stuff for $.75 and was giving me some pointers. I used a few of her tips and went back to Target and Office Depot a week after shopping and got $5 back. (I was expecting $7.99, but I have more to learn…) In celebration of National Coupon Month this September,, an online source for coupon info, is sharing 30 places to find coupons. Coupons are now available just about everywhere you look – the web, social media, smartphones or credit card statements. I hear that is the ultimate destination for coupon-lovers! Here’s one of their tips for you, and I will keep them coming through Sept.

1. Coupon-Aggregate Websites
Afraid that coupon clipping from newspapers will take over your weekend? Coupon-aggregate websites and coupon expert BLOGS that have affiliate accounts with those sites, allow shoppers to pinpoint the coupons they need and either use the coupon codes to save when shopping online or download printable coupons & ready-to-go shopping lists before hitting the stores.