Run Disney’s Wine & Dine

This is a post for the “I can’t” excuse runners.

Maybe you say: I can’t run faster than a 10 minute mile, but I put in 3 miles, 3 days/wk.

Or you think: I can’t run farther than 2 miles, but I can walk all day if I have to.

Perhaps you believe: I am more motivated to run when other runners are around me, but I suck on my own.

I’ve heard all of this, plus the bad knees and old shoes excuses too.I’ve probably muttered something like it myself.

Well, now’s your chance to throw excuses to the wind!

My husband couldn’t run a mile without getting winded. Now he coaches himself, our daughter, other adults and a local track team to distances and speeds they never thought possible. With research, dedication, motivation and a smile – you can become a better runner.

And now you can join a group of others longing to complete a Half Marathon!

Whether it’s your first Half, or you’re looking to PR and beat your last Half… And the best part is – it’s the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon, which ends at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. The race begins at 10pm and ends with an after-hours, private party at Epcot just for runners (and their paid guests).

Me at the Princess 5k

Brian can coach you over the next 7 months (or 6, or 5, depending on when you sign up). And he’ll do it VIRTUALLY. No matter where you are. Talk to him about your Point A and he’ll work you up to that point D (for Disney!) You’ll get a workout schedule that will help you progress in a realistic manner with a goal in mind, helping to preclude injury or defeat. Or for a higher cost he’ll also help you with your diet along the way and give you his cell # for daily pointers or check-ins. He’s coached people who couldn’t walk a mile, and those who wanted to break a 7-minute mile.

Many people who try to train on their own have the drive to run a first Half, but don’t have the knowledge or experience to put together a plan that won’t leave them hurt, winded, or annoyed. That’s where Brian comes in!

And then, when you arrive in Orlando for the weekend of the race, you’ll have Running buddies! A whole club of people running together, cheering each other on, checking out the expo hall, grabbing lunch – and a private event just for the Digital Running Club that weekend too! A race is always more fun when you are part of a team! If you can stay in Orlando the next day, you’ll go with your new running buddies back to Epcot to enjoy a full day of the Food & Wine Festival. Brian and I have met friends there the past few years, and it’s because of our delectable times there that he put this club together. He hopes people enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes as much as he does.

… And Disney knows how to put a race together! We’ve been to the Disney Marathon, Half Marathon, Princess 5k, Cross Country Classic, Race for the Taste and more Disney races over the years and we’ve seen it all! From snow (yes, snow in Orlando) to strollers made to look like Aladdin’s Magic Carpet! The music and the characters and the Disney Park sights and the fireworks will keep the race fun and make the time fly by!

Then come the finish line perks! Disney medals are fun, you’ll have a free Taste and Sip at your private after-hours Food and Wine Festival, you’ll get a shirt and a goody bag. And probably a banana and a muffin because there are always bananas and muffins.

This is it! This is your time to lace up those running shoes and say, “Screw you, excuses! I’m running with my new friends through the happiest place on Earth! I’m going to feel healthy, fast, powerful and awesome doing it too!!”

To read all about the packages Brian has to offer including coaching, packing tips, and just letting someone with years of expertise tell you where to go at Disney so you don’t have to read through their pages of mumbo jumbo, check out the Digital Running Wine and Dine page.

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