Love is Love became my battlecry

How Love is Love became my Battlecry

I was young when I got married. Many people shared their opinion that I was making a mistake. More significant than the fact that I was still a college student, I was marrying outside my faith. I was raised the daughter of an Orthodox, Jewish Rabbi and I married a man raised Catholic I had no business even knowing. I stood up for the love I felt was magical and

Freakin’ Streakin’

I did end up doing Bodyflow on Wed night and it felt great. Thurs. morning I skipped my workout to take my daughter to get braces. The poor dear’s teeth are so messed up they could only put on the top ones. We’ll see what happens over the next 3 months – she’ll probably go into 2011 with a full metal mouth. Thurs night was karate. My back was still

Sore Betty

Last night my sore lower back kept waking me up. Every position I tried hurt, and when I tried to shift or roll over that hurt too. Why, you ask? Well, I think it was a combo of things. Monday I focused on upper body at the gym. I did about 12 mins on the Stairmaster before working my upper body with a combo of machines and free weights. I