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Many of you may know I have a direct connection with DigitalRunning.com. I am excited to announce that my daughter and I were on the design team for their latest medals. The newest challenge recently announced on Digital Running is actually a series of medals / challenges called Time of the Season.

Spring Dawn runing Challenge MedalTime of the Season rewards runners who enter races frequently. Each quarter of the year has its own medal. If you run an organized, timed race of 5k distance or longer in March, April and May – you can get the Spring Dawn Medal! And you can sign up for the challenge at any time this spring, as long as it is BEFORE you run the 3rd race that you want to count for the challenge. You have to run one of the races AFTER you sign up.

But this pretty, floral medal is just the first piece of the pie. After that you can earn the Summer Day for running in June, July, AND August; the Autumn Twilight during September, October, AND November; and finally the medal I think is most gorgeous but still yet-to-be-revealed, Winter’s Night when you complete any race 5K or longer during December, January (’15), AND February (’15).

All four medals link together to form a 7-inch wide circle that looks like a clock. AND if you earn all 4 you’ll get a FREE 5th medal that represents the hands on the clock! It’s heavy and huge and pretty and BLINGY!

You can register for the Time of the Season challenges individually, but it’s less expensive to register for all 4 at the same time. If you don’t race all year round, you can earn individual Time of the Season medals by registering for just the one challenge here: https://www.digitalrunning.com/challenges

I’m so super excited to be part of the design team for these medals, along with input from the Founders and Ambassadors at Digital Running! The end result will be huge and unique – even the company producing the medals is excited about doing something so new with us! They will rock your medal rack like nobody’s business!!

Please let me know if you have any questions about these challenges. Remember, the longer you wait to sign up, the higher the price can get. Spring Dawn started at $15 and is now at $24, but will inch its way up to $35 as more people sign up.

Official Spring Dawn Challenge Rules
A) Runners must run at least one (1) race of 5K or longer between March 1, 2014 and March 31, 2014

B) Runners must run at least one (1) race of 5K or longer between April 1, 2014 and April 30, 2014

C) Runners must run at least one (1) race of 5K or longer between May 1, 2014 and May 31, 2014

D) At least one of the races must take place after entry into this challenge.

E) Entrants must appear as finishers in the official race results for each race. (DNF’s do not count toward this challenge. Races run under someone else’s registration do not count toward this challenge. Virtual races do not count toward this challenge. Untimed races do not count toward this challenge).

2 Replies to “Time of the Season Challenge”

  1. Run DMT says:

    I am super stoked to be part of this challenge! I just finished my March race, have a April race all sorted, still working on May and registered for a June race. WOOHOO! Bring on the medals!

  2. Lora says:

    You know I love love love it!! 😀

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