What I’ve been up to…

Sunday there was no workout time. It was go-go-go all day long with shopping, groceries, laundry, etc. Maybe I did 2 miles at Target… My friend Tom took his daughter up to their pecan grove in GA over the weekend and brought us back a bunch of yummy nuts! Maybe over pumpkin or gingerbread pancakes? BTW: I saw this recipe today for pumpkin banana chocolate chip bread and I have decided it is pumpkin time. I know most bloggers have been all over that, but it’s 90 degrees here still. Not much like fall. BUT I wore my boots twice, so now I think I can eat some pumpkin yummy goodness.

Here’s me (with Ragnar friends) in boots last Sunday because I wanted it to feel like fall:

I even tried to tie on a scarf…

Monday I started the day with Yoga. When my favorite yoga teacher moved to CA, I came to her last class with an MP3 player that had a voice recorder and made an audio recording of the class. For the first time, I copied it to my laptop and did her class in my living room. Brian was on his laptop in the living room at the time and said I was breathing like Darth Vader. I guess I remembered my bandhas a bit.

At work I drew some Rubik’s cubes for a party logo. I may have made a few web pages. For dinner we made pizza bagels using Thomas’ whole wheat bagels, Ragu pizza quick sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Tuesday started off with 75 mins yoga flow. Some moms from school were there.

I decided I wanted to eat a vegetarian lunch, and made white bean hummus with some canned beans that were left in the fridge. I piled them in a whole wheat pita with romaine lettuce and stir fry veggies from this bag. The flavors blended well and it was tasty, but you can’t make it far in advance or the pita gets a wet, mushy texture.

Tonight was TV-bonding with the kids. New season starting of Glee, New Girl and Raising Hope all in a row with my favorite girls! Well, we also had some schedule planning to do for while I’m in Orlando for the Wine and Dine, and physics studying, and perhaps an hour of my own work for clients. When I called a mom of one of Wendy’s friends to see if she could spend 3 nights at their house, she said yes before she even checked her calendar. Yep, Wendy is just that fun! And she makes the omelets with spinach and salsa wrapped in tortillas. My friend was quite amused when Wendy whipped one up for her husband last time she stayed there, and he said his wife should take cooking lessons from Wendy. I think this time I’ll send her with my mom’s sweet & sour meatball recipe – she’s pretty good at making those all on her own – over rice.

I have a confession: I loved Zooey Deschanel in Elf, but I do NOT like her recorded music since.  Alice would call it “Hipster”. Meanwhile, Alice has been waking up to the country western radio station – BLECH!!! She asked me which was worse, hearing that first thing in the morning or an alarm going off. I had to think that one through, but I decided the beeping annoyance of an alarm is actually worse.

I bought this new Revlon ColorStay Aqua mineral powder. I use it as foundation. It goes on with a brush (which wasn’t fluffy enough and I substituted my own) and has SPF in it! But here’s the cool part. It’s supposed to hydrate your skin, right? It contains coconut water for instant hydration – and you can feel the wetness as it goes on. Although it has the texture of a powder, and the light coverage of a powder – I had to stop the first time I put it on and check to make sure the brush hadn’t gotten wet. It actually feels wet going on your skin! I’ve never felt anything like it, and if you want a sheer coverage with a bit of SPF I recommend it!

Tomorrow I have meetings all day long! One to see a new office space downtown, one with drinkchianow.com and one with a potential client – a dermatologist with a poorly constructed web site.

And I leave you with this: Would you rather eat chocolate chips out of the bag or peanut butter out of the jar?

4 Replies to “What I’ve been up to…”

  1. Message: If you’ve worn your boots, you can definitely break out the pumpkin. 😉
    Choc. chips out of the bag for me!

  2. Sandy says:

    Message:Chocolate chips out of the bag – no question!

  3. lindsay says:

    chocolate chips out of the bag, no contest.

    you look cute – great combo of the dress + scarf!

    as for pumpkin – i’m pretty sure i was making pumpkin things in april… it’s never out of season for me 🙂

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