Surgery, Wedding + WIN Detergent Winner

When I last posted, I was choosing a stinky, dirty fitness winner to try out WIN laundry detergent. And then I seemed to disappear.

But what really happened was I saw my daughter through abdominal surgery (well, ovarian, but they went in through her navel) and moved. Sort of moved… all of our belongings are in storage (below) and our home is sold, but we can’t get into our new house just yet so we are living with friends for about 3 more weeks.


DD1 is just starting back to school, so my schedule is just becoming more normal again. There will still be some follow up doctor appointments, and she’s scared to drive for a while, but I was able to go to the gym today finally (!) and she’s going to try to stay at school until 3:20 dismissal.

She was hysterical when she was on the hard drugs in the hospital! She thought she was Jesus, Spiderman, E.T., a sick alien princess, able to fly, and capable of graphing polar coordinates in Jell-o so she wouldn’t fall behind in her Pre Calc math class. She repeated the same five things after surgery over and over for about 2 hours: Am I dying, do I have MRSA, do I still have my ovaries, did you tell Austin (boyfriend), will you bring me my math homework???? She was a broken record.


Alice showing us she’s a 5 on the pain scale.


Brian pretending to be Elf in the surgical waiting room.

Then she spent a week walking like an old lady, eating a lot of sugar, going to one or two classes each day, watching the current America’s Next Top Model Season and taking a lot of Tylenol. (Thank you CVS for having your free-with-coupon acetaminophen last week!) her inhibitions were low, her voice sounded like back when she was 8 years old, and you could see the lack of stress in her relaxed demeanor. But this week the stress hit again! Now she’s worried about the schoolwork she missed, and she’s Editor of her high school’s newspaper, which deadlines this week. Because when it rains, it pours.

We joke that she wanted to avoid helping with the move, and now she did!

Let’s rewind a bit though… because I missed about 3 weeks and 2 other important things happened.


First: I got to see my friend Julie get married!! I used to babysit Julie when she was 2 1/2 until she was in junior high. I changed her diapers. I hung with her on weekends. We went on family vacations together. One summer I was a camp counselor where she was a camper and we got to ride the bus to the pool together every day for a couple months. I was tight with her family, but now I live 1000 miles away.

The most fun part of her wedding was the dancing. Jews do weddings right! Have you ever seen a bride and groom or Bar Mitzvah teen lifted up in their chair on the dance floor? Everyone cheers and claps, and there’s usually one screamer scared of falling off the chair. Well at Julie’s wedding they lifted the bride and groom, then his parents, then her parents, and THEN they brought out a round table for seating 8 for dinner, and the bride and groom started dancing on the table and his friends lifted the whole table! I thought for sure someone would be injured, but my worry was needless.


dawnastone6533369_nWhile I was away in St Louis for the wedding, DD1 called and asked if I’d do a super healthy diet with her for a while. She had started some hard gym workouts and wanted to fuel her body right. She knew about Whole 30, but thought 30 days was too long (would run into Thanksgiving) and didn’t want to give up peanut butter. I had just read Dawna Stone’s diet book “Healthy You” on the airplane ride before the wedding, and knew it was a basic elimination diet for 2 weeks. So I agreed to that. On day 1 you cut out sugar, so I enjoyed dessert at the wedding assuming my two weeks would start the next morning.

Eliminating junk food while staying in a hospital is much harder than it should be! I guess everyone wants comfort food and eats their feelings like I do. But while at All Children’s Hospital, I lived on bananas, peanuts, decaf coffee, water and hard boiled eggs. I was a good girl! Too bad my diet buddy was stuck on an IV saline drip bag and morphine!

Now you’re a bit more caught up. With my underwear in a backpack and my daughter’s mattress on someone’s guest room floor, we design and decorate the new house in our minds. There are lots of white walls to play with, and it seems like shades of light blue and aqua are adored by all 4 of us. Yesterday Brian and I bought our new bedding as a focal point to design the master bedroom around. Next we’ll probably take one of the pillow shams to Home Depot to look at paint samples. We’re all Pinning!

Would I dare do an emerald green wall?

Would I dare do an emerald green wall?

My new bedspread

My new bedspread

I have my late Grandmother’s antique secretary, and I am deciding whether I want to paint it or not. I think it will end up being my vanity in the master suite, and the dark walnut will probably look odd with our other furniture. I know someone who kicks butt at refinishing furniture and would probably help me out or do it for me. As much as I’d hate for something bad to happen to it, I know it can always be restained. People paint antiques all the time these days!

While looking at sleeper sofas for my office/guest room, it occurred to me that I was drawn to the grey fabrics – and my love of grey with yellow smiled in my head saying, “pick me! pick me!” So I think my office will dance in shades of storm clouds, lemonade and goldenrod.


Most of the existing kitchen is black, grey and white. DD2 said to add red and go Mickey Mouse themed. We just might go for that. We’re checking out Downtown Disney this weekend after taking the Gaylord Palms ICE! tour.


winlaundryAnd now for our WIN winner!

Congrats to Steph G of!

I hope to see you tonight at WestShore Plaza’s Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, and will try to find the WIN Detergent for you amongst my boxes labeled “LAUNDRY ROOM”.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Wow!! You really have had a crazy few weeks. Prayers for your daughter…hope she’s feeling great and less stressed soon!

    That wedding picture of the bride and groom on the table made my eyes pop! That is incredible!!! I will say that Jewish events are a ton of fun because of stuff like that. 🙂

    Welcome back!

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