Yoga 2011

I just read Run DMTs 2011 year-long recap and sat thinking for a few minutes about what has changed for me this past year.

My office moved, my older daughter became more social, we launched Digital Running

But the biggest impact on my year was Yoga.

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 8 years. I got introduced to yoga in an odd way. A friend of mine makes music for kids. She’s also been practicing Yoga for most of her life. She decided to put the two passions together and make a video for kids of Yoga put to song to help children learn yoga. She asked if my daughters would like to be in the video. The teacher in the video was Haris Lender, my first Yoga teacher, and now the owner of Kidding Around Yoga, a company that teaches adults how to teach yoga to kids. She has programs for yoga instructors and non-yogis alike – anyone who spends time with children, she has CDs and an adult yoga DVD and lots of fun ways to teach yoga to kids through interactive stories that incorporate yoga poses.

In December 2010, a woman approached my graphic design company about putting together a logo and website for her new Yoga studio. The studio is less than 2 miles from my house. We bartered a bit, and suddenly my occasional yoga practice done in front of the TVĀ  or with my MP3 player in the back of Wendy’s karate class became a regular practice with a teacher, a class, and a mirror. There was more time spent on yoga, more sweat because of yoga, more of my friends joining me at yoga, and I finally stuck my crow pose. I learned more about bandas and mastered a calming breath I can easily slip in to when necessary. I’ve learned a lot more about my physical capabilities and imbalances. I can pinpoint my physical and mental ailments. I know what it means to focus with intent.

I feel more complete when I practice yoga. Yoga is to my workout what my husband is to my marriage.

I think anyone can do yoga at any point in their lives. And I wish everyone would give it a try! Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow. Sometimes it’s calming and sometimes it’s invigorating! Each teacher I try – whether in person or on TV – leaves with a little golden nugget I add to my practice. Something they say just sticks with me and reminds me to spread my fingers wider or picture the crown of my head as a many-petaled lotus flower reaching for the heavens.

I don’t have a New Years Resolution this year. Instead, I focus on a different intention each time I practice yoga. It’s much more refreshing and consistent. I much prefer to focus on small goals for the moment than large goals for the year.

I did not suddenly find yoga this year, but I was able to dedicate much more time, energy and focus on yoga this year, and I love the benefits!

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