yucky run

I met B at the park this morning – and she brought a friend. Our intention was to run 5minutes, walk 90 seconds, and repeat the intervals for 5k. I was the one holding the group back today. Isn’t it sad when that happens? Something pinching between my arm and my neck, and I think it was because I had my cell phone in my hand. I usually keep a cell in an armband IF I have a cell. But today I ran out the door knowing I had to wake up Wendy and her friend who slept over, so I grabbed my cell and didn’t think much about it. I left Wendy’s cell turned on next to her sleepy head on her pillow. It worked, I did wake the girls up, but something so little sucked up my run.

Today I had my first adventure in couponing using the tips from my client. I got $46 worth of stuff from CVS for $19, plus a $5 reward to use next time! And while I was there I ran my CVS card through the machine and got a Nuetrogena for Men coupon, which Brian rubs all over his bald head for sunscreen, so I know what that $5 will be used on.

Which brings me to Where-to-find-coupons Tip #3:

3. Social Media
Facebook, Twitter even YouTube provide links to coupons from just about every merchant and service you’ve heard of. Need a new dress? “Like” your favorite retailer’s Facebook page and print out a coupon. Heading to the grocery store? Check their Twitter feed for coupon links. Lastly, look for coupon bloggers who create instructional videos on YouTube that include similar links.

My mom called me today to get permission to order Seventeen Magazine for my daughters. I guess the “permission” part was because of the sex articles, but they’ve been so in to clothes (Alice) and hair (Wendy) that I’m sure they’ll enjoy reading it.

Tonight Brian is making some kind of pork in sauce and I’m making sweet potatoes and spinach salad to go with it. I’m off to start cooking… enjoy the weekeend!

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